Heartland III
May 22-25, 2000
Creighton, University
Frequently Asked Questions
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If you have other questions, not addressed here, please e-mail them to us at:  mwaldron@creighton.edu

About Heartland III:

What is Heartland III?
Heartland III is a gathering of nearly 500 colleagues from the 11 Heartland/Delta (midwest and southern) Jesuit colleges and universities. 

What happened at Heartland I and II?
Lots!  At Heartland I in Chicago and at Heartland II in St. Louis, participants spent several days:
  • Listening to speakers
  • Exchanging ideas 
  • Realizing how different our universities are 
  • Realizing how much we have in common 
  • Getting to know colleagues from our own campuses on a deeper level 
  • Meeting our peers on other campuses 
  • Gathering around prayer, food and laughter

Why are we gathering again?
Because these gatherings give us a chance to get away from our routine and allow us to examine and deepen our personal spirituality and our connection with our Ignatian and Jesuit heritage.  We want to identify a common language and become catalysts for change on our campuses.

Where are we gathering?
Heartland III will be held on Creighton's campus: the meetings in the Skutt Student Center Ballroom, with some prayer events in St. Johns Church. On campus dining will be held in several locations around campus. Tuesday night will be a dinner off campus, hosted by each president for his/her own university delegation.

Who will be attending?
About 500 colleagues from 11 midwest and southern Jesuit universities.  And updated delegate list can be found here, and on the home page.  A list of the 11 schools and links to their websites is at the bottom of the home page.

What kind of format will these days have?
There will be something for everyone at Heartland III.  It's a mix of presentations, personal reflection, small group discussion, and community prayer over three and a half days, from Monday evening through Thursday at noon.

Creighton Accomodations:

How does check-in work on Monday, May 22?
We are working to make your pre-registration efforts pay off in ease of check-in.  Prior to the conference, we will provide you the name of the hall in which you will stay.  Check-in will be at the front desk of each residence hall.

Where will we be staying?
Swanson Hall and McGloin Hall are two suite-style residence halls which will hold out-of-town delegates. 

Each suite in McGloin Hall, completed in 1998, has two bedrooms, a shared living area and a bath. Swanson Hall, renovated in 1999, has suites with two bedrooms, sharing a bath.  In Swanson, common areas such as lounge, studies with computer access and kitchens are shared by the guests living on the floor. For details and diagrams of these two halls check out this link

What are room assignments?
Suite-mates will be of the same sex. We would prefer to give each delegate a private room, but the large numbers planning to attend indicate some room sharing will have to be done. We will ask for volunteers from each delegation to share rooms.

Most of the bedrooms will have only one person in each room, and those two rooms will share one bathroom with a shower.  In the case of shared rooms, we will do our best not to have more than three persons in each two-bedroom suite.

Every effort is being made to house each university delegation in the same hall and in suites near each other.

The campus representative for each school now has a list of room assignments.

Can I stay extra days before/after Heartland III?
Any delegate who would like to stay on nights other than Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday (in other words, anyone who is coming early or staying after Heartland III) will be charged $24 per night for a single room, $18 for a shared room. 

Reservations for extra room nights must be made with Creighton by April 10 through Julie Grindey, Residence Life.
Payment can be made by cash or check (sorry, no credit cards) at the time of check-in at either McGloin or Swanson Hall.

How will we get messages?
Non-emergency messages will be posted on a board in the lobby of your residence hall.  In the event of an emergency, every effort will be made to bring the message to you.  The number to leave for all messages - 24 hours a day - is 402/546-6500.

Will we be able to check e-mail?
Yes. A computer room is located in each residence hall and a bank of 16 additional computers will be available just outside of the Skutt Student Center ballroom, where many of the meetings will be held.

Can I use my own laptop for e-mail in my dorm room? 
If you have a national internet account that supplies a local Omaha access number (e.g. AOL, MSN, Compuserve, etc.) you can use the telephone in your room to access it. There will be an active ethernet connection in your room as well  Check these instructions for how to connect your laptop to Creighton's network.  For Swanson Hall.  For McGloin Hall

How will local transportation be handled?
We'll take care of it for you. Creighton will make arrangements to pick up any group at Omaha Eppley Airport.  Your campus coordinator will  provide Creighton’s transportation coordinator with the time of the group’s arrival at the airport in order that we can meet your plane and make your travel to campus easy. 

For those who are not arriving with their delegations, Heartland and Creighton cannot be responsible for their transportation from the airport.  But Eppley Airport is conveniently located close to downtown Omaha and Creighton’s campus and a cab ride to campus will take less than ten minutes.

We will have plenty of buses on hand Thursday to transport people back to the airport as you depart.

Will we have access to the rec center?
From 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. each day, you will find the Kiewit Recreation Center available for your physical fitness needs. Racquetball courts, running track, exercise machines and weights, showers and sauna will be open during those hours for any Heartland delegate.  The Recreation Center Pool will be open from noon to 7:30 p.m. during the Conference.

What should we wear?
Dress for Heartland meetings is casual, although some people like to dress up a little more for the final banquet on Wednesday night. Both St. John's Church and the Skutt Student Center are air-conditioned.  A sweater might add to your comfort on a cool spring night.

What about feeding us all?
There are open times for the first dinner and all breakfast and lunches. [See the schedule for more details.]  A breakfast and lunch period will be "open," which allows all delegates a chance to eat their meals in a relaxed setting.

Beverages will be available at all times, and snacks at the designated “break” times, served outside the ballroom where  we will gather.

Where do I park, if I have a car?
There is a lot behind McGloin that will be available for Conference delegates' cars.

About Omaha:

What’s Omaha like?
Omaha is a hilly, green medium-sized city in the center of the country. It's easy to get around and a great place to raise a family. Here is a virtual "Tour" of Omaha.  There are also lots of other Omaha links on the "Omaha" page of this website  which will help you to get a picture of what Omaha is like.

What kind of weather should we expect?
During May the weather is usually picture-perfect, although a spring shower may roll through. You can check current weather on the links on the "Omaha" page. Get there through the Heartland III home page or by using this direct weather link.

Will we get to see Omaha?
A little, and if you've never been here, you're in for a treat. On Tuesday night, each President will host a private dinner at an Omaha location for his/her delegation.  Restaurants will range from traditional Italian steakhouses to trendy meals in Omaha's Old Market warehouse district. Check out more information on Omaha restaurants here.

Preparing for Heartland III:

How will we prepare on campus?
This winter, each college or university will hold one or more pre-conference meetings to introduce the delegates to each other, to discuss the direction of the meeting and to coordinate last minute details. If there are no pre-assigned readings, you might want to read the three articles posted here.

Can I visit Creighton virtually?
Never been to Creighton? Take an on-line tour of campus without leaving your computer.  Check out the "About Creighton" page for lots of links to Creighton.  Take advantage of the Search engine to look up any school, department or program you might be interested in.  And, the Webcam always gives you a live "window" on the mall.

Follow-up after Heartland III:

What will we do with this when we return?
There will be a variety of responses to Heartland III as we return to our home campuses, and bringing a renewed spirit back to our own university is one of the prime goals of the meeting.  During Heartland there will be a discussion time for each university delegation, and a follow-up meeting when we return will help focus the ideas and energy generated by Heartland. 

Will the talks be available after Heartland III?
Yes.  The text of the Conference talks will be available on this site, right after the Conference.  Each school will receive a video of the talks, sometime during the summer.

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