Mission Statement
of Xavier University

Xavier University Mission Statement
Xavier's mission is to educate. Our essential activity is the interaction of students and faculty in an educational experience characterized by critical thinking and articulate expression with special attention given to ethical issues and values. 
Xavier is a Catholic institution in the Jesuit tradition, an urban university firmly rooted in the principles and convictions of the Judeo-Christian tradition and in the best ideals of the American heritage.
Xavier is an educational community dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, to the orderly discussion of issues confronting society and, as would befit an American institution grounded in the humanities and sciences, Xavier is committed unreservedly to open and free inquiry.
Xavier, while primarily an undergraduate institution emphasizing the liberal arts, is also committed to providing graduate and professional education in areas of its demonstrated competence and where it meets a particular need of society, especially of Xavier's regional constituency. Faculty members, moreover, are strongly encouraged to engage in research outside the classroom in order to maintain the professional standing of the institution. 
With attention to the student as an individual, Jesuit education seeks to develop: 
1. intellectual skills for both a full life in the human community and service in the Kingdom of God; 
2. critical attention to the underlying philosophical and theological implications of issues; 
3. a world view that is oriented to responsible action and recognizes the intrinsic value of the natural and human values; 
4. an understanding and communication of moral and religious values through personal concern and lived witness, as well as by precept and instruction; and 
5. a sense of the whole person - body, mind, and spirit.
In keeping with this Jesuit tradition, Xavier believes that religious insights are complementary to the intellectual life, and that a continuing synthesis of the Christian perspective with all other forms of human knowledge is conductive to wisdom and understanding. Xavier shares in the worldwide Jesuit commitment to a creative and intelligent engagement with questions of peace and justice.
Xavier aims to provide all students with a supportive learning environment which offers opportunities for identifying personal needs, setting goals, and developing recreational and aesthetic interests and skills for daily living and leadership. The self-understanding and interpersonal development that result are vital corollaries to a student's academic development.
Xavier believes that these goals can be achieved only through academic programs of high quality that are served by a faculty devoted primarily to excellence in teaching, are nurtured by scholarship and research and are supported by a broad range of university ministry and student life programs.