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Tuesday, May 23rd

We blessed John O'Malley, S.J.
He blessed us by opening up the Language of Our Heritage.

From its roots in Ignatius, it is about caring, about service, about magnanimity.
Mary Feeley prepared us for 
the five minutes of prayerful reflection
which followed each presentation.
We continued to name those from
our schools who inspire us because
they chose to make a difference.
Kate Mahern delivered a powerful, inspiring
and courageous challenge to all of us
to make the mission what we really do.
Our Jesuit universities should be places
where we can act justly with freedom
with faith and with courage.
Larry Raful moved our hearts as he called us
to be unafraid of "God talk," or to pray
or to make love and service of others
our explicit mission.
We again gathered in groups to share
what inspired us.
We learned from each other,
listening to a variety of experiences
and reactions which reinforced and
deepened our own.
We had come a long way to get here;
it was a journey in every sense.
We went to dinner in university groups
at restraurants all over Omaha.
And we ended the day with an
extraordinary reception at
the Joslyn Art Museum.
And shared an uplifting experience
of creativity and beauty.