Tours of Creighton
Schools and Departments
Tuesday, May 23, 2000
3:45 - 4:45 pm.
Creighton U.
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Creighton University Center for 
Health Policy and Ethics
    2616 Burt Street  (across from Criss Buildings, north)

Creighton University's newest building dedicated to the work of the CU Center for Health Policy and Ethics.  The conference room on the first floor will have a display showing some of the Center's initiatives and history.  Cookies and coffee will be available in the adjoining room.

Ruth Purtilo, Ph.D
Center for Health Policy and Ethics
tel. (402) 280-2017 fax (402) 280-5735

Creighton Cardiac Center
   3006 Webster Street 
   (across the street from Saint Joseph Hospital)
Two shuttle vans will be available in the Deglman Circle
at 3:40pm to bring people to the Center and back.

The Cardiac Center of Creighton University opened its state-of- the-art facility September, 1992.  This 60,000 square foot structure is the region's first free-standing facility totally dedicated to cardiovascular disease prevention and management, integrating teaching and research.  This facility is the hub from which 18 cardiologists, 9 cardiology fellows and a 175+ professional staff provide care.  We offer a complete spectrum of cardiovascular disease management, diagnosis testing, prevention and rehabilitation services using the latest technology.  In August, 1999, the Cardiac Center received its second consecutive accreditation with commendation from the Joint Commission of Health Care Organizations.

Larry Maxwell
Public Relations Director 
The Creighton Cardiac Center
(402) 280-4302

Creighton University School of Law
 The Klutznick Law Library
    The Ahmanson Law Center (Room 212)

Delegates will see the "new" library addition and remodeling (1997-98).  We will emphasize the wired carrels and tables, three computer labs, climate controlled Rare Book Room, beautiful reading rooms, functional group studies and seminar rooms, and the 26 wonderful color lithographs created by Roland Poska and titled, The Great Human Race.

Kay L. Andrus, B.A., M.L.S., J.D. 
Director of the Law Library
and Professor of Law
Office: (402) 280-2251     Fax: (402) 280-2244

School of Nursing
 Criss II

Visitors may visit the nursing learning lab, technolgy center and the new cardiac exercise center.  Blood pressure screening will be offered. Our students will be "out and about" --learning at over 50 clinical sites throughout the city.

Roni Gray will be your host.  Meet her at the receptionist desk at the entrance to the School of Nursing. 

Roni Gray
School of Nursing
Creighton University
voice   402-280-2067

Gilbert M. & Martha H. Hitchcock Language Resource Center
 The Humanities Building 
    Room 213

Director, Olaf Böhlke, will be available to demonstrate the lab's many computer resources.  Writing assist programs for the students include: Atajo (Spanish), Systeme-D (French), Quelle (German); Interactive grammar exercises are run on Spanish Partner. KanjiWord is Japanese word processing software and all the stations are set up to broadcast SCOLA, the international cable TV.  Faculty used software includes Dasher for German and Spanish.

Olaf Böhlke
Director Hitchcock Resource Center
Olaf Böhlke
Office: (402) 280-2505 (director) 

Seagate Technology Electronic Commerce Computer Lab
 The Eppley Building
    Room 113

This student computer lab is the College of Business' newest lab, completed for the Fall 1999 semester.  This lab, adjoining our existing Wade Computer Lab, doubled the number of student lab computers to 48. The Seagate Lab, with it's unique layout, is designed to facilitate student collaborative group work.  Terry Begley, Technology Coordinator, will be available to demonstrate equipment and answer questions.

Terry Begley
COBA Technology Coordinator
Eppley Building, Room 112
Technology Enhanced Classroom
 College of Business Administration
 The Eppley Building
    Room 110

This classroom is one of two classrooms in the College of Business that are set up to provide each student with a networked, Internet-connected personal computer.  This room, with twenty four student stations, runs Windows NT Workstation 4 and a variety of software.  The classroom has a high-resolution LCD projector, and the faculty podium is equipped with a PC, audio and visual projection equipment.  A COBA faculty member will be available to discuss how the classroom is used by our faculty.

Terry Begley
COBA Technology Coordinator
Eppley Building, Room 112

Lied Education Center for the Arts
 24th and Cass Streets

The 72,000 square foot Lied Education Center for the Arts opened in 1996 and is home to the Department of Fine and Performing Arts.  Michael McCandless will lead the building tour.

The central feature of the facility is a 350-seat Mainstage Theatre where we produce theatre and dance productions, and music concerts. The 100-seat Studio Theatre doubles as a performance space for smaller theatre productions and an acting classroom. Additionally, the main floor has a fully-equipped Dance Studio, an Art Gallery, and Music classrooms. Several Art Studios can be found on the upper and lower floors, ranging from sculpture, ceramics, painting, and drawing to photography and printmaking.

Michael McCandless
Operations Director/Theatre Faculty
Lied Education Center for the Arts
Department of Fine and Performing Arts
Creighton University
voice   402-280-2498
fax      402-280-2320

Technology Classroom Tour
We will begin the tour inside the front lobby of the Reinert Alumni Library at 3:45 and visit the following classrooms:

  • US West Academic Development & Technology Center 

  • Creighton faculty training center teaching the skills to integrate technology into the classroom
    Reinert Alum. Libr. L27 
  • Pharmacy and Allied Health's Contemporary Practice Lab 

  • Criss III,Room 358 
  • Nursing's Video Conference Classroom 

  • Two-way video, ISDN based technology used in the Linking Education and Practice Program (LEAP)
    Criss III, Room B59 
  • Level 1 Technology Classrooms 

  • Examples of upgrading older classrooms with today's technology.
    Administration Building, Rooms 335 & 337 
    Alice Smith, Chuck Lenosky
     Media Services
    Deb Fortina
     Vice President for Academic Affairs Office
Human Performance Assessment and Research Laboratory
  Kiewit Fitness Center - meet the tour party in Suite 225

The Human Performance Assessment and Research Laboratory is a room designed to serve as a research laboratory, classroom and teaching station.  This room is a focal point of where Exercise Science major's learn how to administer fitness assessments and the site where faculty conduct most of their research.  It includes EKG and pulmonary testing equipment, lactate analyzers, ergometers, an underwater tank (body composition analysis) and electromography, mechanomygraphy and muscle and fatigue assessment equipment.

Dr. Jeff Stout
Co-director of the Human Performance Assessment and
Research Laboratory
Assistant Professor
Kiewit Fitness Center 

Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy Laboratories
  Boyne Building - North East Corner Door - Burt St.
Two shuttle vans will be available in the Deglman Circle at 3:40pm to bring people to the Boyne Building and back.

Room 112 - Occupational Therapy Student Laboratory
Room 114 - Physical Therapy Patient Clinic
Room 116 - Physical Therapy Student Laboratory
Room 108 - Biodynamics Laboratory for research and education (Biomechanics and Motion Analysis).

A. Joseph Threlkeld, PhD, PT
Associate Professor and Chair
Dept. of Physical Therapy
402/280-5676 (voice)
402/280-5692 (fax)