One interactive part of the Online Retreat is the Sharing page, where people share the graces they are receiving during the 34 weeks.  And, as people move toward the end of the retreat, they are invited to let us know about their experiences of the retreat in several areas, including how the retreat has changed their lives and how they pray in the background of their days.

We also asked them about how they used the retreat (alone, in a group, etc) and how they heard about the Online Retreat.   x

We have been overwhelmed by the number and depth of the responses.  On the pages below you will find quotes from our Feedback form in these areas:

How this retreat made a difference in my life

Praying in the background of my life

How I have made this retreat

How I heard about this retreat

Other Comments

We are very grateful to the hundreds of people who have written us, sharing their lives, their prayers and their gratitude.  If you are just beginning the retreat, know you will be in our prayers and the prayers of many others who are or have made the Online Retreat in this virtual community.

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