January 18, 2018
by Cindy Costanzo
Creighton University's College of Nursing
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Thursday of the Second Week in Ordinary Time
Lectionary: 314

1 Samuel 18:6-9; 19:1-7
Psalms 56:2-3, 9-10a, 10b-11, 12-13
Mark 3:7-12

Praying Ordinary Time

Anger, jealousy and envy are framed in the first reading of today with Saul ready to strike and harm David. David is saved from Saul’s threat through the wonderful willingness of Saul’s son to step forward, warn David and provide his father Saul with another ‘lens’ to view David, a truth to dissipate his anger and mistrust.  His strength, courage and trust in God are my first thoughts.

How often do I stay silent? How often do I go about my way thinking this matter does not concern me? Or my voice will not make a difference. Or I am tired and have no energy to make this my concern?  Fortunately, I surround myself with strong women, who are passionate, concerned, and usually not willing to stay silent.  I love these women.  My daughter is one of them. She recently stood up for her rights within the workplace, stated her case and reminded her supervisors the work she was doing was valuable, excellent quality and she would not compromise her commitment to quality. I gave her a ‘hands up’ and supported her proclamation.  She trusts herself and has trust in God.  A reminder for me, through my friends and daughter, God speaks to me, reminds me to speak up, trust God. All will be well.

The Mercy of Jesus

God speaks to his people in Mark’s 3:7-12 passage. He draws a large crowd secondary to his teaching and miracles performed. He tells his disciples to have a boat ready for him so he can safely speak without fear of being crushed. I put myself into that scene. I absolutely would want to meet this ‘man’ who can perform miracles, cure disease, and drive away ‘unclean spirits.’ I probably would not rush to be part of the crowd but would find a rock to sit on some distance away, or climb a tree to observe from the heights, or perhaps walk down the beach a way and sit solitary observing the scene. I would marvel at this man’s gifts; I would ask for his blessing in silence; I would believe these miracles. I believe I would feel his presence no matter how far away I was and he would know of my presence.  In the same way that I feel God’s presence when I take time during the day to be quiet, to silence myself and be in prayer.  In prayer I ask for strength and support for what I need to get through the day or to get beyond something that is difficult or to say thank-you for the blessings of today.  So, in this Ordinary time between Advent and Lent, I feel blessed to continue to experience the Joy, Faith, and Trust that God provides. 

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