April 12, 2017
by Joe Zaborowski
Creighton University's Purchasing Department
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Wednesday of Holy Week
Lectionary: 259

Isaiah 50:4-9a
Psalms 69:8-10, 21-22, 31 and 33-34
Matthew 26:14-25

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There is quite the juxtaposition between the Old and New Testament readings today. In Isaiah’s reading, which complements the Good Friday Suffering Servant reading, I see a dedication to God no matter what the cost. There is steadfastness in faith and reliance on God in both scripture readings. The psalm reading also echoes the theme from Isaiah. The cry of, "See, you lowly ones, and be glad; you who seek God, may your hearts revive!," points to the reliance on God and comfort in knowing there is  one to go to for an answer.

As we move along in Holy Week we receive a preview of the events of the Sacred Triduum. The betrayal of Jesus, in Mathew’s account today of the Last Supper, makes me ponder my own relationship with Christ. I have this question every year during Holy Week.  I reflect and ponder:  who I am most like in the narrative?  Am I Judas the betrayer, Peter the practical one who reacts out of expediency? Am I John or the women at the feet of the cross remaining loyal to the end or perhaps Joseph of Arimathea, who kept his distance but did the right thing in the end? The answer changes year to year. This may have been one of the best Lents in many a year for me. As a result, as of today, I feel closer to John but who knows if adversity arises I won’t turn into Peter or even Judas. So I continue to fast and pray during Holy Week and know “the Lord GOD is my help” that is actualized on Easter Sunday.  Amen!  Alleluia!

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