April 17, 2018
by Mary Lee Brock
Creighton University's Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Program
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Tuesday of the Third Week of Easter
Lectionary: 274

Acts 7:51—8:1a
Psalms 31:3cd-4, 6 and 7b and 8a, 17 and 21ab
John 6:30-35

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Don't Work for Food that Perishes

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Easter Joy in Everyday Life

The Servant Girl at Emmaus

Breaking bread is such an important component of community.  Sharing quality time with family and friends over a meal is a powerful way to connect.  And I always strive to hold people who struggle with not having enough to eat in my thoughts and prayers.  This spring I have been more aware of the timing and availability of meals as I am having some much-needed repairs done to my kitchen.  While I am very grateful to see this project underway, I was not prepared for this disruption in my regular routine.  It feels odd to be continually thinking about my next meal.  And I feel dissonance about these thoughts because I am experiencing this out of a place of privilege and not food insecurity.

Today’s gospel from John focuses on bread, the bread of everlasting life. As I read the gospel  I was immediately drawn into contemplative, imaginative prayer in the Ignatian tradition.  In my mind’s eye I am in the crowd listening to Jesus.  It is a warm, sunny day with a gentle breeze blowing.  There is a dynamic energy in the crowd as people relate to Jesus.  Some come very excited to see him and hear what he has to say.  Many are quite skeptical and are asking for a sign from him that he is who he claims to be. 

I am not excited or skeptical but rather distracted.  My thoughts are focusing on what I am going to have for dinner as it has been a while since I had my breakfast.  Then Jesus captures my attention by talking about bread.  I start listening attentively and quickly realize that Jesus is not talking about bread I will have with my dinner but a different kind of bread.  This leaves me intrigued and eager to hear more.  Jesus says to us, “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me will never hunger, and whoever believes in me will never thirst.”  Jesus is explaining to us that God sent him from heaven to give life to the world.  Although in my imagination I am still in a crowd scene I feel an immediate sense of calm and well-being.

As my imaginative prayer comes to an end I am grateful for this powerful reminder in this Easter season that Jesus is the bread of everlasting life.  I pray to be more open to seeing and hearing this promise from Jesus. I pray for those who struggle with not enough to eat.  I pray for all who work to grow, harvest, transport and prepare nourishing food.  I pray we all prepare to experience the joy of everlasting life. 

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