June 7, 2019
by Tom Drzaic
Creighton University's Human Resources
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Friday of the Seventh Week of Easter
Lectionary: 301              

Acts 25:13b-21
Psalms 103:1-2, 11-12, 19-20ab
John 21:15-19

Celebrating Easter

Weekly Guide for Daily Prayer

For today’s Gospel I found myself applying the Ignatian technique of placing myself in the narrative.  It immediately brought to my attention the tendency to be annoyed when repeatedly asked the same question, though I would like to think if I was with Jesus and asked the same question multiple times by Him, I would gladly and joyfully answer each query.  But diving deeper into the Gospel, it is clear to me that Jesus goes to an extreme to emphasize that proclaiming love for him is not enough.  If we truly love Jesus, we are called to tend and feed his sheep and lambs just as he told Peter to.  We can tend to others by living out our faith freely and openly proclaiming our love for Jesus, which when practiced, will naturally lead to feeding others, spiritually and physically, whether it is with our presence, our work, a kind word or financial assistance.   This love is also called to be applied to all, from caring and protecting the most vulnerable (the lambs) among us to the remainder of his flock (the sheep) who should be cared for and treated with grace, dignity and respect in all circumstances.  As we head into Pentecost Sunday, it is a good time to reflect on His words and discern how God is calling us to love him, mindful to ignite our faith into action like Peter and not to have a love that is passive and empty.  With this active love we truly can represent Christ ensuring his presence is strong, centuries after he left this physical world and ascended into heaven.

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