Roc O'Connor, S.J.
Rector, Jesuit Community
I serve as liturgist for the Creighton campus and St. John's parish.  
More about me:

Since joining the Jesuits in 1967, my first opportunity to be assigned back to Omaha came in 2000.  I'm very glad to be here at Creighton University, teaching and working in liturgy. I have just begun as Rector of the Jesuit Community in Omaha.   As a side light, many of you will be pleased that the "St. Louis Jesuits" (Dufford, Foley, Schutte, and me) have completed work on a new collection called, "Morning Light." Each of us contributed three songs to the CD, which we recorded in Portland, OR during July 2005. I, for one, am very excited about the music that is on the collection.

Writing these reflections:

When I go to preach at a new church, I feel like I have to alert folks to two things.  First, I am not a sequential thinker.  Second, I'm what I call an "Irish-American Existentialist."  That is, I look at life as a "half-empty glass."  That being said, I like to engage folks by means of questions about what the scriptures say, about what the feast day suggests, or about things liturgical.  I've enjoyed the opportunity to write reflections for the Online Ministry and have been delighted to hear back from the folks who read them, especially old friends.

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