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Creighton U. Daily Reflection Database

Creighton's Online Ministries' Daily Reflections, going back to 1998,
are available in a searchable database!

The Daily Reflections Archive has been incorporated into the Creighton Digital Repository (CDR). 

The new Digital Repository database allows anyone to browse the reflections by “Date,” “Writer,” “Titles,” “Office / Affiliation,” or “Readings / Feast”. The full-text of the Reflections is now indexed and searchable.

So, for example, if I remember a reflection that mentioned something about someone's grandmother, I can search "grandmother" and find it. If I want to find reflections which were about Luke's Chaper 7, I can get them all quickly. Or, if I am looking for all the reflections which have the word "mercy" in them, I can search for them easily. And, like our orginal archive, you can find reflections by season or by lectionary number.

And, the database allows for complex searches, as well. The Reflection database includes a very helpful set of examples, for a simple search or an advanced search..

The new Daily Reflections Database Archive may be accessed via the Mission and Ministry section of the CDR  (Creighton Digital Repository) at or directly at

Have fun exploring the database and discover how the past Daily Reflections can be an even greater resource for us all..

Please send your comments to Andy Alexander, S.J. We'd love to hear how you have found this resource to be helpful.

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