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How to Listen to Audio Retreats
A Ministry of the Collaborative Ministry Office at Creighton University
Listen to this retreat, on your computer,
now with streaming MP3 files.

These audio files should automatically open a media play and begin playing the talk right away, when you click on the player icon. If they do not, don't worry. It is easy to set up your browser to do this.

In Netscape 7, the files should easily open automatically.

In Internet Explorer 6, click on the "MEDIA" button on the toolbar. This will open the Media Bar in an attached window on the left side of the screen. Click on the "Media Options" link on the Media Player at the bottom of the Media Bar. Select "Settings" and make sure that the first two options are checked. Then click on the bottom option, "Reset preferred types." Now when you select one of the talks, it should open in the Media Player. You can close the Media Bar whenever you wish.

Alternatively, you can always right-click on the mouse and copy the link and paste it into your own preferred media player.

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