An Advent Audio Retreat by Fr. Larry Gillick, S.J.
A Ministry of the Collaborative Ministry Office at Creighton University
Fr. Gillick, S.J. gave this retreat in St. Paul, Minnesota in November of 2006.
All three, 50 minute talks are here.
We offer three audio presentations presented on December first and second, 2006 at the Immaculate Heart of Mary parish in St;. Paul, Minnesota. The orientation of the talks was to assist us in praying with the Advent and Christmas symbols which the secular world has replaced the religious meanings and replaced them with pleasant, but shallow meanings. Advent and Christmas is a joyful season, especially if we pray with their truths.

This retreat may be made in a variety of ways, by individuals or a group:
  • All at once;
  • over a 3 day weekend;
  • taking the prayer time they prepare for;
  • once a week, during 3 weeks of Advent;
  • over 3 weeks, one conference a week;
  • on the computer;
  • burned on to a CD, listened to in a car or on a CD player;
  • copied to an mp3 player.

To listen to one of the conferences, simply click anywhere on the icon of an audio player, under each of the conference headings.  Your browser should automatically begin to play the recordings.
If nothing happens, then you may follow the instructions here.

To download a talk, with a PC, right-click on the icon and choose the option, "Save Target as ..." and select the destination Folder into which you wish to save the file.

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Our homes are full of things which have more meaning than meets the eye. These are sacraments with a small “s”. These have histories behind them reflecting something about the giver, the receiver, and the relationship between the two. Reception is everything.

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There is an important history to Christmas, more than meets the eye. There is an important history behind the Christmas Tree as well. We prepare to move a tree from outside into our houses and we have to rearrange the furniture to make room for it. We decorate the tree and there’s more beauty there than meets the eye.

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Candles and especially the giving and receiving of gifts are dramatic symbols which when prayed with, are so reflective of the depth of Christ’s birth. There is so much more to the gifts of Christmas, the Cards, the decorations than the eye or mind or heart can take in. This Advent and Christmas we desire to take back from the secular world our symbols and enjoy Christmas more deeply.

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