Seal painted on wall in Ignatius' bedroom, Rome.

On the left are the decrees of the 35th General Congregation of the Society of Jesus.


Catholic News Service: 03/07/08
Jesuits end meeting by approving decrees, confirming fidelity to pope

Vatican Radio: 03/07/08:
Jesuits Call for Greater Creativity in Bringing the Gospel to a Globalised World

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The Conclusion of G.C. 35
About the closing of the Congregation,
a list of the new Decrees,
and the topics discussed and entrusted to Fr. General
and the ordinary governance of the Society.

A Conversation with Fr. Nicholás
A wonderful interview with Fr. General
by the communications team at the Congregation.

Now Available:
The Decrees of the
35th General Congregation

of the Society of Jesus

Decree 1: "With Renewed Vigor and Zeal"
The Society of Jesus Responds to
the Invitation of the Holy Father

Decree 2: "A Fire that Kindles Other Fires"
Rediscovering Our Charism

Decree 3: Challenges to Our Mission Today:
Sent to the Frontiers

Decree 4: Obedience in the Life of the Society of Jesus

Decree 5: Governance at the Service of Universal Mission

Decree 6: Collaboration at the Heart of Mission

Document on Mission:
“Challenges to Our Mission Today:
Sent to the Frontiers.”

New Decree
on Jesuit identity

Third Decree:
Collaboration at the Heart of Mission

On Obedience,
approval of the second decree

First Decree:
Governance at the Service of
the Universal Mission

“Collaboration with others”:
the many faces of interaction with non-Jesuits

The Closing Liturgy - Photo © copyright the Society of JesusThe Congregation Has Ended

The 35th General Congregation of the Society of Jesus will conclude its deliberations
with a thanksgiving Mass at the Gesù Church on March 6 at 6:00 p.m.

On the following day, March 7, Friday, a press conference will be held
at 12:00 noon in the Aula of the Congregation, Borgo Santo Spirito 3A.

Together with Father General, Adolfo Nicolás, the speakers will be
Fathers Carlo Casalone, Provincial of Italy, Vittorio Liberti, Rector of the Pontifical Interprovincial Seminary of Naples,
and Jean Ilboudo, former Assistant to Father General for Africa.


Daily Official Society Updates on the Congregation |
SJWEB's virtual Prayer Room

Congregation Visits with Pope Benedict XVI
Fr. General's words to the Holy Father

OFFICIAL Translation of the Holy Father's Address to the Congregation


Official Society of Jesus
site in Rome

U.S. Jesuit Conference
G.C. 35 site

Other Congregation Links

Official Prayer for the
General Congregation

Morning Offering and
Prayer for GC 35


Preparation for the Congregation

History of the Congregations
by Fr. John Padberg, S.J.

How will the new
Superior General
be chosen?

In the words of Ignatius

Qualities of a New
Superior General

How were delegates
selected and how were
the topics chosen?

The Coetus Praevius
NJN interview with
Fr. Tom Smolich, S.J.

Preparations for
the Congregation

Photos from G.C. 34
(Jan. 5 - Mar. 22, 1995)
by Don Doll, S.J.

Fr. Adolfo Nicolás, S.J.

"A View from Rome"
Photos by Don Doll, S.J.

Official Portrait of Fr. Nicolás by Don Doll, S.J.
High Resolution, Official Portraits of Fr. General available for printing

A More Detailed Biography of Fr. Nicolás.

Hear Fr. Nicolás on YouTube:
From a Philippine Province video.

The full text of Fr. General's remarks to the press. 01/28/08

Homily of the new Fr. General at the
Mass of Thanksgiving

An interview with Fr. Nicolás last year
with the Australian Jesuit site: Province Express

A story by Fr. Nicolás about his hopes for
the Congregation
in the Australian Jesuit site Province Express

A Beautiful Profile of "Our New Fr. General" by a friend, the Provincial of the Philippine Province

About Fr. Nicolás
from the Social Justice Secretariate

Portraits of the men
of each Assistancy with Fr. General.

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Topics Discussed
During the Congregation

Dave Schultenover, S.J. writes about Fr. Kolvenbach's farewell and the reception at the Gregorian University - 03/02/08

Dave Schultenover, S.J. writes about the Congregation's reception by Pope Benedict XVI, beginning with the words of Fr. General - 02/23/08

Dave Schultenover, S.J. writes about the diversity in the Congregation membership - a blessing and a challenge. 02/17/08


Latest News Reports from Rome:

Official Society description of the Congregation's farewell to Fr. Kolvenbach and the work of the last week of the Congregation. 03/02/08




The Jesuit Headquarters in Rome, on the left, with St. Peter's in the background.  Photo by Don Doll, S.J. - Click to enlarge image.

The Approval of the Society of Jesus

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