Praying with Our Imaginations

Ignatian Contemplative Prayer:
Praying with Our Imaginations

On this site we include a number of examples of Ignatian contemplations.

"Contemplation" is the word St. Ignatius used to describe the type of prayer he recommends in that part of the Spiritual Exercises where he shows us how to grow in intimacy with our Lord. He invites us to "enter the scene" and let it reveal our Lord to us.

Use these examples to help with contemplating any gospel passage. The only real "rule" is not to worry and let the Lord show himself to us.

How do we pray with our imagination?

Ignatian Contemplations

Jesus, My Friend in Capernaum

The Annunciation

Contemplating with Joseph

Elizabeth Remembers

Praying with Jesus in the Womb

Contemplating the Visitation with Zechariah

The Baptism of Jesus

Peter remembers his call from Jesus

John & Mary remember the Choosing of the 12

The Healing of a Leper

The Wedding Feast of Cana

The Call of Matthew

"Herod wants to kill you."

Holy Saturday with the Mother of James & John

The Assumption of Mary

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