Kathy Martin
Coordinator of Marriage Preparation
at Creighton University/ St. John’s Parish
Kathy Martin
More about me:

I have been working in Creighton Campus Ministry as the Coordinator of Marriage Preparation since March of 2013. I enjoy working in my position immensely.  I have the honor of helping couples prepare for their life-long marriages. I have a great opportunity to minister because I am working with couples at what can be the happiest time in their life and as well as one of the most stressful. 

I have my undergraduate degree in business from the University of Iowa and I have a Master’s degree in Theology from Creighton and a teaching certificate from Creighton as well.  I worked as a youth minister in the Archdiocese of Omaha most of my career.  I also created and presented a Catholic Chastity Program for junior high age students called “Sexuality: The Power of the Gift”.

I am married to John Martin and we have three boys who are quickly leaving grade school behind and are approaching junior high and high school.    Camping is the favorite activity of the Martin family. 

Writing these reflections:

I am honored to be asked to write a Creighton Daily Reflection and enjoy the opportunity to share my perspective of a busy wife and mother who is simply trying to walk close to God and be a part of bringing about the kingdom of God in my own little corner of the world.     

Other links to me:

e-mail: KathyMartin@creighton.edu