Select a different set of Intercessions for each Daily Prayer.
God has revealed himself in Christ. Let us praise his goodness, and ask him from our hearts:
  Remember us, Lord, for we are your children.
Teach us to enter more deeply into the mystery of the Church,
 - that it may be more effective for ourselves and for the world as the sacrament of salvation.
Lover of mankind, inspire us to work for human progress,
 - seeking to spread your kingdom in all we do.
May our hearts thirst for Christ,
 - the fountain of living water.
Forgive us our sins,
 - and direct our steps into the ways of justice and sincerity.

Let us pray to Christ our Savior, who redeemed us by  his death and resurrection:
   Lord, have mercy on us.
You went up to Jerusalem to suffer and so enter into your glory,
 - bring your Church to the Passover feast of heaven.
You were lifted high on the cross and pierced by the soldier's lance,
 - heal our wounds.
You made the cross the tree of life,
 - give its fruit to those reborn in baptism.
On the cross you forgave the repentant thief,
 - forgive us our sins.

Let us always and everywhere give thanks to Christ our Savior, and ask him with confidence:
   Lord, help us with your grace.
May we keep our bodies pure,
 - as temples of the Holy Spirit.
May we offer ourselves this morning to the service of others,
 - and do your will in all things throughout the day.
Teach us to seek the bread of everlasting life,
 - the bread that is your gift.
May your Mother, the refuge of sinners, pray for us,
 - and gain for us your loving forgiveness.

First Sunday of Lent, Third Sunday of Lent, Fifth Sunday of Lent

Let us praise our loving Redeemer, who gained for us this season of grace, and pray to him, saying:
   Lord, create a new spirit in us.
Christ, our life, through baptism we were buried with you and rose to life with you,
 - may we walk today in newness of life.
Lord, you have brought blessings to all mankind,
 - bring us to share your concern for the good of all.
May we work together to build up the earthly city,
 - with our eyes fixed on the city that lasts for ever.
Healer of body and soul, cure the sickness of our spirit,
 - so that we may grow in holiness through your constant care.

Praise to Jesus, our Savior; by his death he has opened for us the way of salvation.  Let us ask him:
   Lord, guide your people to walk in your ways.
God of mercy, you gave us new life through baptism,
 - make us grow day by day in your likeness.
May our generosity today bring joy to those in need,
 - in helping them may we find you.
Help us to do what is good, right and true in your sight,
 - and to seek you always with undivided hearts.
Forgive our sins against the unity of your family,
 - make us one in heart and spirit.

Our Lord Jesus Christ has saved us from our sins.  As his people, let us call out to him:
   Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on us.
Lord Christ, we pray for your holy Church; you gave yourself up to make it holy, cleansing it with water and the life-giving word,
 - renew it constantly and purify it by penance
Good Master, show young people the way you have chosen for each of them,
 - may they walk in it, and find fulfillment.
In your compassion you healed all forms of sickness; bring hope to the sick and raise them up,
 - teach us to love and care for them.
Make us mindful of the dignity you gave us in baptism,
 - may we live for you at every moment.
May the dead rise to glory in your peace,
 - grant us with them a share in your kingdom.

Christ our Lord has warned us to watch and pray to avoid tempation. With our whole heart let us pray to him:
   Turn to us, Lord, and have mercy.
Jesus, our Christ, you promised to be with those who pray in your name,
 - help us always to pray with you to the Father in the Holy Spirit.
Bridegroom of the Church, cleanse her from every stain,
 - tach her to walk in hope and in the power of the Holy Spirit.
Friend of the human race, teach us concern for our neighbor as you have commanded,
 - that all may see you more clearly as the light of the world.
King of peace, give your peace to the world,
 - that your presence may reveal your saving power in every place.
Open the door of eternal happiness to all the dead,
 - welcome them into the glory of unending life.

Blessed be almighty God, who watches over us as a Father; he knows all our needs but wants us to seek first his kingdom. Let us cry out to him as his people:
   May your kingdom come, that justice may reign.
Father of all holiness, you gave us Christ as the shepherd of our souls; stay with your shepherds and the flock entrusted to them, do not leave this flock without the loving care of its shepherd,
 - do not leave your shepherds without an obedient flock to follow them.
Teach Christians to help the weak with loving care,
 - and in serving them to serve your Son.
Gather into your Church those who do not yet believe,
 - and help them to build it up by good deeds done for  love of you.
Help us to turn to you for forgiveness,
 - and, as you forgive us, reconcile us also with your Church.
May the dead pass from this world to eternal life,
 - to be with you for ever.

Christ the Lord gave us a new commandment, of love for each other. Let us pray to him:
   Lord, build up your people in love.
Good Master, teach us to love you in our neighbor,
 - and in serving them to serve you.
On the cross you asked pardon for your executioners,
 - give us strength to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us.
Through the mystery of your body and blood, deepen our love, our perseverance and our trust,
 - strengthen the weak, console the sorrowful, and give hope to the dying.
Light of the world, you gave light to the man born blind when he had washed in the pool of Siloam,
 - enlighten catechumens through the water of baptism and the word of life.
Give to the dead the perfect joy of your eternal love,
 - and number us also among your chosen ones.

The Lord Jesus sanctified his people with his blood.  Let us cry out to him:
   Lord, have mercy on your people.
Loving Redeemer, through your passion teach us self-denial, strengthen us against evil and adversity, and increase our hope,
  - and so make us ready to celebrate your resurrection.
Grant that Christians, as your prophets, may make you known in every place,
  - and bear witness to you with living faith and hope and love.
Give your strength to all in distress,
  - and help us to raise them up through our loving concern.
Teach the faithful to see your passion in their sufferings,
  - and show to others your power to save.
Author of life, remember those who have passed from this world,
  - grant them the glory of your risen life.

Let us give glory to God, who has concern for us all. Let us call upon him and say:
  Lord, save the people you have redeemed.
Giver of all gifts and source of all truth, give the fullness of your blessing to the college of bishops,
  - and keep all those entrusted to their care faithful to the teaching of the apostles.
Pour your love into the hearts of all who share the one bread of life,
  - that they may grow in unity in the body of your Son.
Help us to strip off our sinful selves,
  - and to be clothed with Christ, your Son, the new Adam.
Grant that all may do penance and find forgiveness,
  - and so share in the fruits of Christ's redeeming death.
May those who have died in your peace give you everlasting glory in heaven,
  - where we, too, hope to praise you for ever.

To Jesus Christ, our Redeemer, the way, the truth, and the life, 
Let us make our humble prayer:
 Come and stay with us, Lord.
Son of the Most High, your coming was announced 
to the Virgin Mary by Gabriel,
 - Come and rule over your people for ever.
Holy One of God, in your presence John the Baptist 
leapt in Elizabeth’s womb,
 - Bring the joy of salvation to all the earth.
Jesus the Savior, the angel revealed your name
to Joseph the just man,
 - Come and save your people from their sins.
Light of the world, for whom Simeon and all the just waited,
 - Come and comfort us.
O Rising Sun that never sets, Zechariah foretold 
that you would visit us from above,
 - Come and shine on those who dwell in darkness 
    and the shadow of death.

Second Sunday of Lent, Fourth Sunday of Lent

Let us give glory to God, whose kindess knows no limit.
Through Jesus Christ, who lives for ever to intercede for
us, let us pray:
Kindle in our hearts the fire of your love.
God of mercy, let today be a day rich in good works,
-a day of gnerosity to all we meet.
From the waters of the flood you saved Noah through the ark,
-from the waters of baptism raise up to new life those
under instruction.
May we live mot by bread only,
-but by every work falling from your lips.
Help us to do away with all dissension,
-so that we may rejoice in your gifts of peace and love.

Palm Sunday

As Christ entered Jerusalem he was greeted as King and Messiah,
Let us adore him, and joyfully praise him:

 Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.

Hosanna to you, Son of David, King of the ages,
-hosanna to you, victor over death and the powers of darkness.
You went up to Jerusalem to suffer and so enter into your glory,
-lead your Church into the paschal feast of heaven.
You made your cross the tree of life,
- give its fruit to those reborn in baptism.
Savior of mankind, you came to save sinners,
- bring into your kingdom all who have faith, hope, and love.

All glory and honor to God, for in the blood of Christ he has ratified a new and everlasting covenant with his people, and renews it in the sacrament of the altar.  Let us lift our voices in prayer:
  Bless your people, Lord.
Lord, guide the minds and hearts of peoples and all in public office,
 - may they seek the common good.
Renew the spirit of dedication in those who have left all to follow Christ,
 - may they give clear witness to the holiness of the Church.
You have made all men and women in your image,
 - may they give clear witness to the holiness of the Church.
You have made all men and women in your image,
 - may they always uphold human dignity,
Lead back to your friendship and truth all who have gone astray,
 - teach us how to help them.
Grant that the dead may enter into your glory,
 - to praise you for ever.

In his mercy, God sends the Holy Spirit to shine on us, so that our lives may radiate holiness and faith.  Let us raise our voices in prayer and say:
   Lord, give life to your people, whom Christ has redeemed.
Lord, source of all holiness, draw bishops, priests and deacons closer to Christ through the eucharistic mystery,
 - may they grow daily in the grace of their ordination.
Teach Christ's faithful people to be devout and attentive at the table of his word and of his body,
 - so that they may bring into their daily lives the grace they receive through faith and sacrament.
Grant, Lord, that we may see in each person the dignity of one redeemed by your Son's blood,
 - so that we may respect the freedom and the conscience of all.
Teach us to restrain our greed for earthly goods,
 - and to have concern for the needs of others.
Be merciful to your faithful people whom you have called to yourself today,
 - grant them the gift of eternal happiness.

The Savior of mankind by dying destroyed death and by rising again restored life.  Let us humbly ask him:
   Sanctify your people, redeemed by your blood.
Redeemer of the world, give us a greater share of your passion through a deeper spirit of repentance,
 - so that we may share the glory of your resurrection.
May your Mother, comfort of the afflicted, protect us,
 - may we console others as you console us.
In their trials enable your faithful people to share in your passion,
 - and so reveal in their lives your saving power.
You humbled yourself by being obedient even to accepting death, death on a cross,
 - give all who serve you the gifts of obedience and patient endurance.
Transform the bodies of the dead to be like your own in glory,
 - and bring us at last into their fellowship.

Let us give glory to Christ the Lord, who became our teacher and example and our brother. Let us pray to him, saying:
   Lord, fill your people with your life.
Lord Jesus, you became like us in all things but sin; teach us how to share with others their joy and sorrow,
 - that our love may grow deeper every day.
Help us to feed you in feeding the hungry,
 - and to give you drink in giving drink to the thirsty.
You raised Lazarus from the sleep of death,
 - grant that those who have died the death of sin may rise again through faith and repentance.
Inspire many to follow you with greater zeal and perfection,
 - through the example of the blessed Virgin Mary and the saints.
Let the dead rise in your glory,
 - to enjoy your love for ever.

All praise to God the Father who brought his chosen people to rebirth from imperishable seed through his eternal Word.  Let us ask him as his children:
   Lord, be gracious to your people.
God of mercy, hear the prayers we offer for all your people,
 - may they hunger for your word more than for bodily food.
Give us a sincere and active love for our own nation and for all mankind,
 - may we work always to build a world of peace and goodness.
 Look with love on all to be reborn in baptism,
 - that they may be living stones in your temple of the Spirit.
You moved Nineveh to repentance by the preaching of Jonah,
 - in your mercy touch the hearts of sinners by the preaching of your word.
May the dying go in hope to meet Christ their judge,
 - may they rejoice for ever in the vision of your glory.

Praise to Christ, who has given us himself as the bread from heaven. Let us pray to him, saying:
   Jesus, you feed and heal our souls; come to strenthen us.
Lord, feed us at the banquet of the eucharist,
 - with all the gifts of your paschal sacrifice.
Give us a perfect heart to receive your word,
 - that we may bring forth fruit in patience.
Make us eager to work with you in building a better world,
 - so that it may listen to your Church and its gospel of peace.
We confess, Lord, that we have sinned,
 - wash us clean by your gift of salvation.

Blessed be God, the giver of salvation, who decreed that mankind should become a new creation in himself, when all would be made new.  With great confidence let us ask him:
   Lord, renew us in your Spirit.
Lord, you promised a new heaven and a new earth; renew us daily through your Spirit,
 - that we may enjoy your presence for ever in the heavenly Jerusalem.
Help us to work with you to make this world alive with your Spirit,
 - and to build on earth a city of justice, love and peace.
Free us from all negligence and sloth,
 - and give us joy in your gifts of grace.
Deliver us from evil,
 - and from slavery to the senses, which blinds us to goodness.

Christ our Lord came among us as the light of the world, that we might walk in his light, and not in the darkness of death.  Let us praise him and cry out to him:
   Let your word be a lamp to guide us.
God of mercy, help us today to grow in your likeness,
 - that we who sinned in Adam may rise again in Christ.
Let your word be a lamp to guide us,
 - that we may live the truth and grow always in your love.
Teach us to be faithful in seeking the common good for your sake,
 - that your light may shine on the whole human family by means of your Church.
Touch our hearts to seek your friendship more and more,
 - and to make amends for our sins against your wisdom and goodness.


Thanks be to Christ the Lord, who brought us life by his death on the cross. With our whole heart let us ask him:
   By your death raise us to life.
Teacher and Savior, you have shown us your fidelity and made us a new creation by your passion,
  - keep us from falling again into sin.
Help us to deny ourselves today,
  - and not deny those in need.
May we receive this day of penance as your gift,
  - and give it back to you through works of mercy.
Master our rebellious hearts,
  - and teach us generosity.

To make us his new creation, Christ the Lord gave us the waters of rebirth and spread the table of his body and his word.  Let us call upon him and say:
   Lord, renew us in your grace.
Jesus, meek and humble of heart, clothe us with compassion, kindness and humility,
  - make us want to be patient with everyone.
Teach us to be true neighbors to all in trouble and distress,
  - and so imitate you, the Good Samaritan.
May the Blessed Virgin, your Mother, pray for all those vowed to a life of virginity,
  - that they may deepen their dedication to you and to the Church.
Grant us the gift of your mercy,
  - forgive our sins and remit their punishment.

The Word of God humbled himself to dwell with us 
so that we might see his glory. 
Rejoicing in hope, let us call upon him:
 Emmanuel, be with us.
Ruler, just and righteous,
 - Bring justice to the poor and the oppressed.
King of peace, you beat swords into plowshares 
and spears into pruning hooks,
 - Turn hatred into love and our grievances into forgiveness.
You do not judge by appearances,
 - Recognize those who are your own.
When you come with power and might upon the clouds,
 -Grant that we may come before you without shame.

To the eternal Word who became man to reveal to us 
the new and living way, 
Let us make our humble prayer:
 Come, Lord, and save us.
God, in whom we live and move and have our being,
 - Come and teach us that you have made us your own.
You are not far from each of us,
 - Show yourself to all who search for you.
Father of the poor and consoler of the afflicted,
 - Set captives free, give joy to those who mourn.
You hate death and love life,
 - Free all mankind from eternal death.

We cry to the Lord, who will come to bring us salvation:
 Come, Lord, and save us.
Lord Jesus Christ, our God, Savior of all,
 - Come swiftly and save us.
Lord, by your coming into this world,
 - Free us from the sin of the world.
You came from the Father,
 - Show us the path that leads to him.
You were conceived by the Holy Spirit,
 - By your word renew the same Spirit in our hearts.
You became incarnate from the Virgin Mary,
 - Free our bodies from corruption.
Lord, be mindful of all men,
 - Who from the beginning of time 
   have placed their trust in you.


Text of Intercessions is selected from the Liturgy of the Hours.
English Translation: Copyright, International Committee on English in the Liturgy.

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