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What Can I Do Before Lent Begins?

The Invitation to Lent

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Beginning My Lenten Journey

Choosing Lent - Acting Lent

What is it to do Fasting and Abstinence?
And when do I do it?

Cooking Lent

Audio Conversations: For Each Week of Lent

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Read these printable two-sided
handouts about preparing for Lent:

What Can I Do Before Lent Begins?

Beginning My Lenten Patterns

The Invitation

Preparing for Lent

This page is an introduction to our Praying Lent site.  It's an opportunity for us to prepare for Lent. Getting ready for Lent involves some thinking, praying and setting the stage for the changes that we hope to introduce into our lives in the weeks ahead. 

Specifically, we offer resources to reflect on prior to Lent as well as simple prayers for Mardi Gras, ideas about beginning our Lenten journey and ways to integrate the symbols of Lent into our family lives.

Feel free to explore the site index and see what resources are currently available and return often to see what resources are added during Lent. Of course if you have any questions or feedback for us, don't hesitate to contact us at

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