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Faculty Conversations: Eloquence in Jesuit Education

A Spirit Plus Lunch
Recorded: April 3, 2013
at Creighton University

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Eloquentia Perfecta:   
Using the Available Means of Persuasion 

Writing, Music, Speech, Dance, Film, Core Curriculum Issues, Branding/Marketing

How does eloquence influence us as a Jesuit university - and how does it touch the hearts of our students? What does it mean for us in the classroom and for the way we present ourselves to the public?

Six members of a delegation (see list below) from Creighton recently attended a Heartland-Delta Faculty Conversations weekend. They spent two days discussing this topic with colleagues from Jesuit universities in the Midwest and South.

On Wednesday, April 3 they shared their experiences at a panel discussion a.

The focus on the place of “eloquence” and persuasion in a Jesuit classroom: Eloquentia Perfecta is also the topic of the latest “Conversations Magazine.”

The Creighton Delegation:

  • Marty Birkholt,
    Communication Studies

  • Fred Hanna,
    Performing Arts (Music)

  • Joshua Prenosil,
    English (Rhetoric)

  • Mary Helen Stefaniak,
    English (Creative Writing)

  • Carol Zuegner,
    Journalism, Media & Computing

  • Carol Ash,

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