An Invitation

Make a retreat designed for people too busy to make a traditional retreat.

Experience a relationship with God
coming alive in the midst of everyday life.

Come to know a freedom and peace too often out of reach in the modern world.

A simple Guide each week places themes, reflections, questions and desires into the background of our busy lives. We learn to find greater focus and to let one week build upon another.

It really works. Any busy person can do this retreat in the background of a very full life. Thousands of others have done so.

Begin any time, but if we
begin the week of September 18th, 2022,

the retreat fits with the Liturgical Year.

The Online Retreat home page

Make the commitment alone, with a spiritual director, or form a group to make the retreat together.

If you are "on the fence," read what so many others said after they completed the retreat.

Here's How to Get Started.

Also available in an Audio format.

  • Parishes have gathered groups to make the retreat together.
  • Prayer groups have done the retreat together.
  • Spouses, best friends, small groups have made the retreat together.

Each week includes a printer friendly PDF of that week.
These PDF files can be sent to one's Kindle. They could be emailed to each member of a group, to print their own copy.

There is an Audio version, to listen to on the computer, on a mobile device, even while driving to work or while exercising, cutting the grass, doing the laundry, cooking.

It is very convenient to install the Dropbox app on a phone or tablet and then to download the audio files to Dropbox. It makes for easy accessibility and listening.

Many people have shared the graces of the retreat, for many years. It is wonderful to read even some of the sharing each week, to get the sense that we are not making this retreat alone, and that, even if it is a challenge, at first, the graces are there and quite a blessing.

Consider forming a group of friends or in your parish. You will be surprised how many people will welcome the invitation.

On campus, our groups met once a month to share in person. Each week, each member of the group was encouraged to email his/her sharing to everyone in the group. It was a marvelous grace for everyone.

Let us know if you have questions at

Read how to get a printed version of this retreat.

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