Daily Reflection

From a Creighton Student's Perspective

January 13, 2011

Mason Miller

Senior, Nursing Major

Heb 3:7-14
Ps 95:6-7c, 8-9, 10-11
Mk 1:40-45

"Harden not your hearts."  I like to think that my heart is not “hardened” to God’s will; that I am open to Him and not obstinate to His wonder.  Yet, I find myself being drawn in by the world.  Taken by the next test or paper, taken by the next big Creighton Jays' basketball game, taken by the club meeting each night.  I start to focus on these things and the time flies.  Then, pretty soon I have forgotten to take time to pray and meet with Christ.  Paul warns us about getting caught up in this physical world.  If we are pulled along by the next fun or pressing thing, we find ourselves unable to see God’s presence in our lives; hardened to His majesty.

With this notion, I am reminded of the leper from the Gospel.  A man neglected by society, who had every reason to despair.  Through this he still recognized the saving power of God, stating that Jesus had only to wish it and it would be so; he would become clean.  The leper then, upon his healing and and recognition of the miracle, went out to proclaim what the Lord had done for him. 

It is a powerful message: the Lord has dominion over everything.  He actively works in our lives.  He works in large ways, such as healing the leper of his life-altering infirmity, but more frequently in small ways, for instance, in the loving greeting from a dear friend He has given us. 

This is where the challenge presents itself.  How do we focus on the Lord each day?  Paul tells us to look to the Lord in each moment, “while it is still today.”  We are called to appreciate the Lord and to seek out how He acts in our daily lives, thanking Him for it.  With this new semester gearing up I hope to take some time each day and reflect on the ways that God works in my life and thank Him for these gifts.  Then, through this, I hope to keep my heart focused on Him and not become hardened by the things that usually steal my day from Him.  This can be difficult at times but would help each of us see how the Lord is ever present in our lives.

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