Daily Reflection

From a Creighton Student's Perspective

January 14, 2011

Megan Lightfoot

Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy

Heb 4:1-5, 11
Ps 78:3 and 4bc, 6c-7, 8
Mk 2:1-12

The First Reading reminds us that we must work to enter into God’s Kingdom. We will not be allowed into Heaven just because we went to church each Sunday. We must believe and follow God’s will and repent of our sins. In our busy society it seems that sometimes Church is just something to check off the list of things accomplished this week. I find it difficult to quiet my mind from my studies to have time with God, but have found ways to do so. Each night before I go to sleep I will take ten minutes and reflect on the day. I will thank God for good moments of the day and ask for forgiveness for moments where I did not follow God’s will. This helps settle my mind so I can sleep and is a good time for prayer.

The Gospel reading gives insight on faith, humility, and sensitivity. The ability of Jesus to heal the paralytic man gives us faith in spiritual as well as physical healing. The four who brought the paralytic man to Jesus were humble enough to not want to be recognized for helping the crippled man. In today's world, people often boast when they do service or some heroic act and expect to be recognized. I find this true for myself, and have noticed I am also often focused on trying to boost my resume. Lately I have been asking myself if I am participating in service to actually serve or to have something else to add to my resume. I find the answer is a bit of both. I really do enjoy serving others, but it is also an important part of my resume and application to Pharmacy School next year. This reading teaches me to do the service for others because it is God’s will and the right thing to do, not because of how it will benefit me.

The Gospel also relates to how we need to be sensitive to the needs of others. I am currently in the process of applying for a Spring Break Service Trip, for which I was required to read an essay by a student on the difference in helping and serving. Helping is when we see ourselves as superior to those we are helping, whereas serving is when we are equal to those we are serving. I think this is important in service, because we will be more open spiritually when we serve others. To me, helping seems more like a chore, because I am just doing a job for someone. When serving, I experience what those I am serving are going through, and everyone gains something. I look forward to experiencing true service on my Spring Break Service Trip, and hope that I can become more humble and selfless through the experience.

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