Daily Reflection

From a Creighton Student's Perspective

January 17, 2011

Kindra Seifert

Senior, Psychology Major, Spanish Minor

Heb 5:1-10
Ps 110:1, 2, 3, 4
Mk 2:18-22

This is one reading where I see Jesus describing the life lesson I learned from my parents when I was younger: do not be too quick to judge. This includes judging situations, judging others, and even the times where we end up judging God. Some parts of life have a distinct right answer, but many simply do not. There tends to be a right time and place for some things and for some people, and for other things there is always a 'right.' This may seem unfair, but, like my dad always tells me, life is not fair.

Life is not fair – there are trials. Sometimes we make decisions where we “sew an unshrunken cloth onto an old cloak.” Through this lesson, we learn that the “tear only gets worse.” This unshrunken cloth could be representing something like a burdening secret. The longer we hold this burden to ourselves, the more it tears us apart. This scenario could represent family. Though finances can be tough, should we let money be the unshrunken cloth that tears families apart, or will we let love for our families be the option that keeps us together? These are examples of some decisions that we should not be too quick to judge.

I think this reading also warns us of being too quick to judge each other. I try to always maintain a mentality to promote equal rights of all. However, this mentality is not foolproof. I advocate for the rights of those without homes, but sometimes I forget my neighbors that are going through a hard time and dismiss their trials as being unequal to others. This is not fair. People questioned and judged the disciples of Jesus because they were not fasting. They had concluded it was better to compare the disciples of Jesus to others before finding out their story. One thing I have learned in life that proves itself over and over again is that there is always a reason for that “thing” that bothers us; so why would we rather judge than spend the time to discover that person’s true story? That person that drives us nuts in class and never completes their work might have had their parents divorce the month before. The person that shows up late to work every day and causes us to work overtime might be dealing with depression. Potential relationships with other people – creations of God – are too important for us to come to a conclusion so quickly.

It is through these trial and errors with people and situations in our lives that we can learn to not judge so quickly. I know I have days where this concept is difficult for me. However, we need to remember the gift of learning – we can have the opportunity to find out what causes the “tear.” It is our faith in Jesus, which is something that is always right, that can guide us to not compare and instead listen, not judge, and learn how to sew the correct cloth on the old cloak.

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