Daily Reflection

From a Creighton Student's Perspective

January 20, 2011

Nate Tye

Senior, History and Theology Double Major,
Justice and Peace Studies Minor

Heb 7:25-8:6
Ps 40: 7-8a, 8b-9, 10, 17
Mk 3:7-12

Today’s readings share a common theme – that of arrival. After Advent we are not done waiting because we also await his second coming and our entrance into the heavenly kingdom. The first reading shares with us Jesus’ position as the high priest in heaven, which he obtained through his crucifixion and resurrection. His position and power in heaven are comforting. We know he will be there in the end, having prepared the way with his death.

Yet we must first accept Christ, we must do his will. We cannot sit idly by and just wait for heaven to come to us. The Psalm for today reminds us that we must proclaim his justice to the world, to the vast assembly, in order to do his will. I’ve reflected on my own work for the Kingdom, asking myself, 'what exactly have I done? Am I doing enough with my prayer, service and advocacy on behalf of the poor and oppressed?' Today’s Psalm answers this – I am not doing enough. When I seek justice I restrain my lips, we all do, we do not want to step on toes or incite conflict.

We cannot do that. We must not restrain our lips when we announce Christ’s justice. He did not restrain his lips. This is why people descended from the surrounding cities to hear Jesus speak at the sea. People were drawn to his ministry, not because he held back his voice, but because he proclaimed the truth and challenged those who were subverting it.

As we await his second coming we are asked to proclaim his justice in the interim. We are not to go about this timidly but loudly, proclaiming to the vast assembly of those here on earth that our high priest in heaven, Jesus Christ, wants a just world for his return. While I find it comforting knowing that he is there for us, we must make ourselves uncomfortable, we must unfasten our lips and advocate for justice, regardless of the situation.

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