Daily Reflection

From a Creighton Student's Perspective

January 29, 2011

Renee Yacoub

Freshman, Philosophy Major, Pre-Med

Heb 11:1-2, 8-19
Lk 1:69-70, 71-72, 73-75
Mk 4:35-41

As Abraham was called by God to go somewhere he didn’t know of, he had faith to pursue the will of God because he knew something good was to come out of his plan: an inheritance that would continue his name and his son's name. Abraham’s faith in God was so strong that he was willing to sacrifice his one and only son Isaac so that God could fulfill his plan.

We, too, must be like Abraham and have faith in God’s plan no matter how sure we are of ourselves in the plans we make. We must know that there is no greater love than the one that comes from above, and who else would want nothing more than happiness and peace for his children than our God?

Think about a time when you had to take a leap of faith and trust in God’s plan, no matter how big or small the decision was, and in the end you got through the obstacle. Even if you didn’t see the goodness in God’s plan right after, you knew that his plan was done for your own good. It’s ok to set our own goals and plans for our future, but we must always take the time to ask God for his help and guidance, for he knows what’s best and what will make us stronger.

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