Daily Reflection

From a Creighton Student's Perspective

February 11, 2011

Teresa Seale

Senior, English, with a Specialization in Creative Writing,
and Theater Double Major

Gn 3:1-8
Ps 32:1-2, 5, 6, 7
Mk 7:31-37

I feel exceedingly blessed to have been assigned the reflection for this day.  Today’s readings hit home for me.  My first thought after reading the Scripture from Genesis, a thought that I expressed out loud as I sat in my room, was “God forgive us.”  Then I immediately proceeded to the Psalm and felt the strength of the words “Blessed is he whose sins are forgiven” because that is the concept with which I struggle daily.

I easily relate to Eve.  I constantly hear the evil spirit, the spirit of Satan, whispering to me, encouraging me to compromise, telling me I’m not good enough without this thing or this action, whatever the temptation before me might be.  He always slithers through my thoughts like a slug, and every time I listen to him, he leaves behind a slimy trail in my heart.  Then the temptation I often succumb to is self-condemnation because I forget the words of the Psalm: “‘I confess my faults to the LORD,’ and you took away the guilt of my sin.”  Yes, I sinned.  Yes, I did wrong.  Yes, I chose evil over good.  But Christ takes away the guilt of my sin.

And while the devil may whisper in my ear, Jesus pulls me aside, “away from the crowd,” and heals me.  How beautifully this Gospel passage shows God’s individual love for us!  Yet, at the same time, it shows how important the support of the community is. 

“People brought to him a deaf man” – they took an active role in the well-being of this man.  Then Jesus “took him off by himself away from the crowd” and said, “Be opened!”  When I sin and when I hide from God, he beckons to my heart, “Be opened!”  Let me heal you.  Because I love you.

I am like Eve.  I listen to the evil spirit and I sin, but I don’t want to hide any longer.  I am ashamed, but I pray for myself and for all those reading this reflection, that we will no longer hide “from the LORD God among the trees of the garden.”  I pray that we will have an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit, that we will let Christ pull us aside and rebuke us with love.  “Though deep waters overflow,” though the shame and guilt of our sin overwhelms us, “they shall not reach” us because Christ’s love flows more deeply from within us.  “Be opened.”

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