Daily Reflection

From a Creighton Student's Perspective

March 1, 2011

Lesleigh Ailts

Pharmacy Student

Sir 35:1-12
Ps 50:5-6, 7-8, 14 and 23
Mk 10:28-31

I know it has happened to each of you, as it has to me---the wide-eyed, pit in the stomach, unbearable feeling of being caught doing something you should not have done.

In today’s reading of Sirach, the phrases could be viewed as rules to follow because of who is commanding them. But I believe the transition in choosing to be a faith-filled individual allows these beautiful sayings to instead inspire how we live. We are told about the joy God receives from charity, refrainment from evil, offerings, sacrifices, and homage. He delights in these ways we show our thankfulness and love to him for the blessings we have received. These actions should not be done because we fear the feeling of “being caught” not doing them, but out of reverence, gratitude, and pure adoration.

For example, in Father Gregory Boyle’s recent book Tattoos on the Heart, he demonstrates a beautiful ministry through his stories and reflections on his vocation to serve gang members in California. His life experiences are some I most likely will never encounter, but with every sentence he shows me how he “gave to the Most High as he had given to him.” Father Boyle lives to teach all souls he comes in contact with their worth. Each of us is called through EVERY SINGLE action to respond with what we know pleases our heavenly Father in response to the love, forgiveness, and unfathomable gift of being alive.

My spiritual director recently told me that she imagines standing under a waterfall and the water being God’s love and graces pouring down. We often hold umbrellas, for many reasons, which prevent us from becoming completely drenched. So pull those umbrellas away and rejoice in all the blessings God wishes to give you!

***Today is a gift. Live it like that. ****

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