Daily Reflection

From a Creighton Student's Perspective

May 12, 2011

Emily Furjanic

Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy

Acts 8:26-40
Ps 66:8-9, 16-17, 20
Jn 6:44-51


One of my favorite foods is bread. There are so many kinds of bread that no one can go wrong; it seems there is a type of bread for everyone’s liking. And bread is something that feeds the world. No one ethnicity or country can claim bread for their own or have it unique to their cuisine. All types of bread have the potential to end hunger for a time being, but there is only one bread that relinquishes hunger and allows one to live forever.

The Gospel today discusses the difference between regular bread and the Bread of Life. Jesus tells the crowds that although our ancestors ate the manna, they died. The daily bread that we break cannot keep us alive forever. Jesus is the “The Living Bread” that will allow us to live forever if we believe. Eating the Bread at Communion may not fill a belly up, but it fills an individual with the eternal life and love from Christ.

This is why Communion is my favorite part of the Mass and the reason I feel closest to God: not only am I digestively taking part in Mass, but I am consuming the Body of Christ and allowing him to live inside of me forever. And perhaps my love for bread stems from this belief of eternal life. . .in addition to the fact that it is just simply delicious!

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