Daily Reflection

From a Creighton Student's Perspective

May 16, 2011

Kindra Seifert

Senior, Psychology Major, Spanish Minor

Acts 11:1-18
Ps 42:2-3, 43:3, 4
Jn 10:11-18

The good shepherd in this reading takes the face of a genuine friend in my mind. I hope and pray that we all experience the grace of a genuine friend at every point in our life journey: in the happy times and the difficult times. I pray that we all have multiple genuine friends. I would say one of these genuine friends is Jesus; however, I know I also always desire a concrete image of Christ. I believe one of these concrete images is Christ’s gift of genuine friends on Earth.

There are friends that work for “pay” like the “hired man.” They do not express concern for others. This does not make them bad people; sometimes things happen in life that cause us to forget to be a shepherd to others. As a genuine friend, person, and Christian, we should each continue to express concern for them even if it is not reciprocated. This is not necessarily easy; however, I imagine herding a flock of sheep is not necessarily easy either. This is our choice; we can make the decision to not be a friend to the person that does not treat us fairly or express concern for us. But then we might wonder what it hurts to be there for another. Luckily, we also have the choice in this situation to continue to express concern and show our love for this person and humanity. The “hired man” may have something else on their mind that makes it difficult for them to express concern for the "sheep" or, as I am interpreting in this reflection, other people.

Sometimes, we meet people outside of our general friend group or, as it is said in this reading, “sheep that do not belong to this fold.” However, we have the choice again to be a genuine friend to those we do not know or may not even understand. We never know the difference we can make in another person’s life. We can make a difference by simply being there for someone that is outside of our “flock,” as well as for those inside our “flock.”

A genuine friend is a representation of Christ’s love for all of us. This reading reflects that we have the choice to follow our duty to share Christ’s love for others. We learned when we were younger from the repeatedly sung, catchy tune that “Jesus loves me, this I know. For the Bible tells me so…”. I do not think it is a coincidence we learned this song when we were young and beginning to form meaningful, unforgettable relationships. This song represents love in the world, the shepherd, our genuine friends, and of course, Christ.

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