Daily Reflection

From a Creighton Student's Perspective

November 30, 2010

Marcus Dawson

3rd Year Law Student

Rom 10:9-18
Ps 19: 8,9,10,11
Mt 4:18-22

Today’s first reading drives home two main points. First, we must believe in God with our hearts.  Secondly, if we believe in God, then we have the obligation to spread the good news of God, because people cannot believe what they do not hear.   But in order to deliver this message, we must first trust God in our hearts.

The gospel shows us the first apostles immediately dropping everything and following Jesus at the moment they heard His call.  But how could they do this?  How could they leave the comfort of their familiar lives as fishermen with family and friends so quickly without even a second thought?  Prudence would say weigh your options.  You don’t know what you are getting into yet.  For Peter and Andrew, it’s about trust. 

Peter and Andrew plunged into the sea when hearing God’s call.  They wasted no time.  They heard something true, something real.  In their hearts, they were willing to trust Jesus to lead them, to take control of their lives.  I find that in my own life, at times, my thoughts provoke paralysis.  Can I really let go of my control over my life without more understanding?  What is God really asking of me, and why?   

I try to figure God out by learning more about my faith.  With more knowledge, I tell myself I will then have the courage to immediately follow God when I hear His call.  Then the God’s call makes sense.  If I can understand the why, then I can buy into it.  It will be easier that way.  Sounds logical.  Where, though, is the trust?

St. Paul is challenging us.  Jesus is challenging us.  What is it that we truly believe?  It isn’t always what we think or know, for as today’s Psalm says “the command of the Lord is clear.”  It isn’t what we trust.  It is who we trust.  And that person is Jesus. If we trap ourselves in our heads, we may be putting a barrier between God and our hearts.

Do we really trust God enough in our hearts to follow Him and spread His word? God may not ask of us something as radical as leaving behind everything like Peter and Andrew, because God has a unique plan for each of us.  However, we all have the same calling. We are all called to be saints.  Let's not miss the opportunity. 


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