Daily Reflection

From a Creighton Student's Perspective

December 3, 2010

Savannah Hobbs

Sophomore, Social Work Major,
Spanish and Biblical Studies Minors

Is 29:17-24
Ps 27:1, 4, 13-14
Mt 9:27-31

In today’s Gospel, Christ physically touches the two blind men’s eyes — but how does He approach them?  I doubt that Christ quickly jabbed the two men in the eyes painfully, or that He scraped across their eyes carelessly.  Christ was probably very gentle about touching their eyes, probably moving slowly so as not to frighten or surprise the two blind men.  In fact, the Gospel never says that Christ even touches them with His hands.  He may have kissed their eyes.  Can you imagine being kissed by Christ?

These two men are touched by Love and then could see.  What could they see?  They can see new truth in the reality of the world.  They see the beauty of the visible world and the beauty of Christ’s face.  After an absence of truth and love, these two men can finally see beauty and truth revealed in the face of Christ.  We are created for love — to give and to receive it — and that is what these blind men are yearning for and craving.

The first reading says “And out of gloom and darkness, the eyes of the blind shall see.”  What exactly does that mean?  Why are the blind described as being in a state of “gloom and darkness?”  Are we ever blind to anything?  (Love?  Our true selves?  Christ?)  What is it that blinds us?

So many of us are searching for God’s plan for us — our vocation.  Why?  Why would you search for God’s plan?  Why do the blind men want to see the world?  Because we want truth and we want love.  God, the creator of everything — the author of life — love Himself — has given each of us a specific calling, a mission, a purpose for existing.  Vocations are something God, who knows us infinitely better than we know ourselves, gives to each one of us.  It fits perfectly because He gave us every gift we could ever need to complete a mission that was already specifically designed for each of us individually.

Christ is offering us love.  He is offering us a God-designed plan for our lives.  He wants to gently kiss our eyes and reveal the truth of love and the truth of ourselves to us.  He is there, waiting so patiently for us to finally catch on.  This Advent, let us try to take the blinders off of our hearts and let Him embrace us.  Let's realize that we are beautiful and loved so much.


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