James Doyle

Freshman, Undecided Major, Pre-Med


James Doyle
More About Me:

My name is James Doyle. I was born in central Texas, but have lived most of my life in Topeka, Kansas with my parents and seven siblings. I love doing almost everything that involves playing sports, being outside, spending time with my family, and, most of all, living out my Catholic Faith. I'm a unique individual, evidenced by my strange habits of running ten miles before the sun rises, laying out under the stars, jumping off a thirty-foot pole, singing loud and proud, wrong and strong, and, especially, going to Mass or sitting in Adoration. I don't like talking about myself, so I leave you with this bit of advice: if you can't do it with a smile on your face, it's probably not worth doing at all. Live life with no regrets because fear is only temporary, but regret is permanent.

Writing These Reflections. . .

. . .may not appear to be the most productive way to spend a Sunday afternoon, but it is the most rewarding. It gives me the opportunity to let God speak from my heart to yours. Know that wherever you are, I am praying for you as you read and meditate on the words that God has chosen to speak through me. May God bless you and hold you safely in the palm of his hand. Peace of Christ be with you and your family.

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e-mail: JamesDoyle1@creighton.edu