Daily Reflection

From a Creighton Student's Perspective

January 14, 2012

Jake Kruse

Sophomore, Business Major, Pre-Physical Therapy

1 Sm 9:1-4, 17-19; 10:1
Ps 21:2-3, 4-5, 6-7
Mk 2:13-17

"This will be the sign for you that the LORD has anointed you commander over his heritage." -1 Samuel 10:1

The Lord calls us to do something with our lives.  The task is ours to find our calling and honor God in whatever it is we do.  Many times we stumble and forget who we are and what purpose we have in this life.  However, we must never lose the positive guiding presence of God in all of our lives.  God comes to us all in different ways and the love that radiates from his support and guidance reminds us that we all have a calling.  That calling isn’t always clear and it can be hard to move on with life when we don’t understand ourselves very well.  But that’s exactly why God gave us friends and family to help each other succeed.

When we answer the tough questions about ourselves or confront difficult situations in our own lives, true growth occurs and we begin to know ourselves better.  I think the first step in understanding the calling God asks of us is realizing who we are and accepting ourselves for our own strengths and weaknesses.

The reading today speaks about Saul and one of the servants searching for the missing animals.  They search near and far, and they fail to find the animals.  When they reach the seer, he tells Saul, “The Lord anoints you commander over his heritage.  You are to govern the Lord’s people Israel, and to save them from the grasp of their enemies roundabout.  This will be the sign for you that the Lord has anointed you commander over his heritage.”  The message of this reading is clear: never give up because you never know what could happen.

In life if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.  Saul did not find the animals no matter how hard he tried, yet God still had a plan for him.  The message is the same for all of us, but the calling may be different for each of us.  In life we will experience hardships, setbacks, failures.  It’s ok.  God has a plan for us all.  Let us have faith in God and keep moving along with life.  There are good things out there for all of us.  All we have to do is have faith and good things will come.

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