Daily Reflection

From a Creighton Student's Perspective

March 24, 2012

Savannah Hobbs

Junior, Social Work and Spanish Double Major

Jer 11:18-20
Ps 7:2-3, 9bc-10, 11-12
Jn 7:40-53

“Some in the crowd who heard these words of Jesus said, ‘This is truly the Prophet.’  Others said, ‘This is the Christ.’” -John 7:40-41

The people in today’s Gospel are excited.  There’s a commotion; finally something to talk about.  Some people are unhappy, fearful, and even (it sounds like) jealous.  Some, it seems, are in wonder, confused, and even amazed.  Jesus is Big News.  The people are animated.  They are talking and debating.  The 10 o’clock news would have featured Jesus every night of the week.

I love to think about how I would have reacted to Jesus, had I been alive during those days. Sometimes, when faced with a new fad or trend, I like to go against the flow (which has now inconveniently become a new trendy thing to do).  Would I have rejected Jesus just on this principle?  Everyone’s doing it, except Savannah?

This, however, ignores a key fact.  Jesus was more than just Big News or a Hot New Trend (although, those sound like pretty cool nicknames that Jesus may have enjoyed).

The first reading and the responsorial psalm today speak of God’s protection and care:  “O LORD, my God, in you I take refuge; save me from all my pursuers and rescue me.”  This is the key factor that makes Jesus more than just “news.”  With this we are able to start to piece together the whole truth instead of just a shallow sliver.  Why would a Great and Wonderful God desire to take care of us and offer us refuge?  Why would he send his only son to ultimately save us?  What could be so special?  What are all of these people in the Gospel talking about?

God’s love for us is astounding.  Just think of the most powerful person in the whole entire world (multiply that by infinity), and then think about him personally going to great lengths to show you his love, to provide for you, and then even die for you.  It’s incredible!

God’s love for us is declared loud and clear at every Mass, in every gorgeous mountain or landscape, and in every beautifully sunny day.  I have to stop and ask myself every day, however, if I am acting like a person who is also in love.  God’s love for us overflows.  He can’t contain it.  It is everywhere.  But how do I show my love back?  Do I live each day passionately, joyfully, with lots of laughter, like someone who is in love?  Do I drag my feet and complain about how hard life is?  Do I realize and show appreciation for the little gifts that God gives me every day?  How can I work to be more in love, and show my love more fully to God?

You are beautiful and so loved!

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