Daily Reflection

From a Creighton Student's Perspective

June 26, 2012

Rob Placek

Senior, International Relations and Business Major

2 Kgs 19:9b-11, 14-21, 31-35a, 36
Ps 48:2-3ab, 3cd-4, 10-11
Matt 7:6, 12-14

“Do to others whatever you would have them do to you.  This is the Law of the Prophets.” – Matthew 7:12

The Golden Rule is part of today’s Gospel.  It is described as the Law of the Prophets, and it should be the law we live by.  The Golden Rule may sound cliché to many because it is mentioned quite often or does not hold the clout of the commandments of Moses; however, it is given to us by the same man who tells us to turn the other cheek.

I admit it is really hard to live out this simple rule.  It is easy to downgrade, disregard, or satirically attack different people and even your friends.  It is easy to think of how it is difficult to treat others nicely, but it is also difficult for me to realize how nicely others treat me.  Modesty gets the best of me sometimes, and I refuse compliment or favor, although I am more than willing to do things for friends or shower kind words on others.  Life is a two-way street.

Jesus incorporates the Golden Rule in today’s Gospel as part of the Living Word as part of something that we will want to keep holy and live out just as we should.  If we keep this rule holy and embrace it in our lives, then we will become holy and remain precious like the pearls mentioned with the swine.

So, I do need to be nicer to some of the people I interact with and I need to realize the gratitude of others.  Today, I pray for understanding of the mercy of others and for patients and kindness with interacting with them.

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