Daily Reflection

From a Creighton Student's Perspective

July 5, 2012

Hunter Allen

Sophomore, Business Ethics Major, Pre-Med

Amos 7:10-17
Ps 19:8, 9, 10, 11
Matt 9:1-8

“When the crowds saw this they were struck with awe and glorified God who had given such authority to men.” -Matthew 9:8

While today’s Gospel reading represents several themes of wonderment in terms of living by faith, and shows that by living by faith we begin to fully live ourselves, I would like to focus on just this last sentence for today’s reflection.  Before doing so, I would like to point out that this sentence does indeed refer to Jesus and his ability to be a living form of God’s immense love; there is no doubt about such and reading this Gospel confirms that.

But I would like to take this quote and apply it in a new direction…to us!  While God did give great authority to Christ, God also gave you and I—man—the same.  And I think that this is something that we often forget to place enough emphasis on, or simply forget all together.  Our ability to reason, to analyze, to discern, and to contemplate is untouchable and is capable of more than we ever are aware.

Tying back into the Gospel, like the paraplegic, we need to live a life by faith: this means not only believing in ourselves, but also to use our God-given authority to spread his love and to promote his Kingdom.  Today’s Gospel is a challenge to make active the Church.

So whether it is saying, “Hi, how are you today?” to the person we normally encounter without saying a word, taking the time to be present to those who care for us or for those who need our care, or giving of our time and talents in ways that God calls us, living an active life of faith is one that can, and need to be, incorporated easily into daily life. 

Let us take some time and reflect over the authority: the talents, fascinations, and abilities that God has bestowed uniquely upon each of us.   Let us reflect on how we not only have those abilities, but the ability to spread those abilities.  Let's reflect on how we are stewards of Creation.

Now is the time to say ‘Here I am, Lord’.  Now is the time to pick up our crosses.  Now is the time to live Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam.  Now is the time to live and to love.

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