Daily Reflection

From a Creighton Student's Perspective

July 13, 2012

Mary Claire McGlynn

Freshman, Undecided Major

Hos 14:2-10
Ps 51:3-4, 8-9; 12-13, 14+17
Matt 10:16-23

My favorite thing about the daily readings is the way the Church chooses to couple passages. Today the first reading is all about resting in God. It talks of compassion and healing. It uses descriptive words like fragrance, shade, and blossom. These words convey a sense of peace.On the other hand, the Gospel… Well the Gospel doesn’t seem to be peaceful and comforting. In it, Jesus warns the apostles of coming persecutions. It’s hard to imagine martyrs thinking of olive trees and blossoming lilies while fleeing from town to town, avoiding death, and then facing it in horrific ways.However, Church history shows us pairing these readings together was not a bizarre choice at all. Tradition tells us the early Christian martyrs died heroically, even beautifully trusting in God’s promise of new life.

These early Christian martyrs weren’t the only ones to die heroically. In fact, we have litanies of people who gave their lives for their faith.I try to start each reflection with a story that shows how I relate to the Gospel or first reading, but I couldn’t think of one for today. I can’t find a way to compare myself with these heroes of our faith. When I think of the men and women who gave their life for their faith, I am always inspired. St. Maximilian Kolbe, St. Lawrence, the North American Martyrs, St. Steven, St. Thomas Moore, the list goes on. If these exemplary people had the strength to die for their faith, then I should work each day to live for mine.

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