Daily Reflection

From a Creighton Student's Perspective

July 27, 2012

Matthew Gillespie

Junior, Journalism Major

Jer 3:14-17
Jer 31:10, 11-12abcd, 13
Matt 13:18-23

What if I told you that Congress passed a law banning chocolate yesterday? Would you believe me? Take my claim at face value?

Chances are you would, rightfully, seek to verify this outrageous claim by checking your favorite daily newspaper (what’s that?) or, if you’re like me, placing your faith in the omnipotence of Google.

We do this, whether we acknowledge it or not, to protect ourselves. We seek the truth as an end, but are right to question things initially, even if we believe the source of the information to be well intentioned. After all, if we believed everything we were told or read on the Internet, we might be convinced that gullible is, indeed, removed from the dictionary, or, as the case may be, that enjoying your chocolate chips is a Class C misdemeanor.

And, for the most part, we accept this as a necessity in life. To some extent, we must be critical of what we hear or bear witness to and apply our experiences, common sense, and, so often, faith to discern the truth. Yet, when it comes to God, we fear what might happen if we question what we’ve been taught to believe, or even what we’ve come to believe on our own. We worry that such questions or doubts might mean we lack the faith of a good Christian, and that we should be as assured in our faith as we imagine everyone else to be.

Investigating our faith, even questioning it, should instead be seen as a means of furthering your relationship with God, not detracting from it. The richest soil of belief often comes from those who have dared to question their faith, and, because of that, emerge stronger for it. For me, it was a questioning of my beliefs and values that led me back to God and to the church – a reversal that would not have taken place had I not asked the critical question: what if? I still question and doubt, to be sure, but each time I return more surefooted and confident in my faith, having seen it reaffirmed in my daily life and in the love of others. What bigger advocate for truth is there than our own experiences, which we see every day?

Question. Doubt. Seek, and God will be there.

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