Daily Reflection

From a Creighton Student's Perspective

August 30, 2012

Bill Kusek

Senior, Biology Major, Spanish Minor

1 Cor 1:1-9
Ps 145:2-3, 4-5, 6-7
Matt 24:42-51

I recently had the chance to go camping with some friends. That night, there happened to be a meteor shower, and our location had the darkest sky for 10 hours in any direction. It was wonderful to lie back and watch for short streaks of light to flash across the night sky. When I watched for meteors, I found myself opening my eyes as wide as possible so as much of the sky as could be was in view at once. I just didn’t want to miss any part of that magnificent show. Even after a long day outside, sleep was the last thing on my mind.

“Stay awake!” says Jesus, you don’t know when the Lord will come. We need to be attentive and ever alert for God in the world. This can’t be just a casual observance, but something integrated into the very fabric of who we are. It can be easy to be lulled to sleep by the familiar and comfortable. But instead we are called to be alert and to find those things that challenge us and make us feel alive. If we are not awake, we are not fully alive.

Let us stay awake and keep our eyes open so we don’t miss any opportunities to love or be loved.

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