Daily Reflection

From a Creighton Student's Perspective

September 4, 2012

John McCoy

Freshman, Political Science and Economics Double Major

The readings for today reflect the mystery and wonder of the ways of God.

The immenseness that is God is cause for reflection as to his role in determining the path of our lives.

A debate surrounds the fact that God is all-knowing. If he knows everything, are our paths already set in stone? Due to the immenseness of our God, no one will every truly be able to answer this fact in this life. Human minds cannot possibly wrap themselves around the relationship between free choice and the all-knowing God. I choose to believe my life is directed entirely by my choices and actions, with guidance from God, while God knows the path I will choose. I cannot explain how this works.

The construction of our lives as we know them can lead us to question the ways of God. Why did this person move away? Why did another person pass away? Why have I been blessed with the trappings of success while others are continually beaten down? Why do I get to call myself an American?

A common phrase exists to help explain the unexplainable: “everything happens for a reason.” This can lead us to believe our lives have been pre-determined. I think this phrase indicates that we are simply shaped into who we are by the choices and circumstances that have filled our past. God can present challenges and expects us to act on them. How we react builds the person we currently are today.

A friend moving away can open us up to new groups of people and help us make connections we would have never otherwise attempted to make. A death can likewise teach us to cherish those significant ones still in our lives or cause us to wake up and make necessary changes in our lives. Gifts like intelligence, social skills, or other skills for success have been given for us to use – challenging us to make something more of our lives. We have been given extraordinary opportunities as Americans – we need to use that to our personal benefit and the benefit of others.

The circumstances of life- what they are, why they happen- will never be explained during the course of our human lives. We can only accept the circumstances and live with the choices we make knowing that they shape the person we are today. Let us reflect on our circumstances and choices and the person we each are today. Let us capitalize on future circumstances and make the choices we want to have shape the person we each want to be tomorrow.

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