Daily Reflection

From a Creighton Student's Perspective

September 5, 2011

Joe Chen

1st Year Medical Student

Col 1:24, 2:3
Ps 62: 6-7, 9
Lk 6:6-11

I want to reflect on an important concept that we as human beings come across everyday: suffering. We often experience it in many forms, some more painful, and some less serious than others. It is inevitable: we are bound to experience pain, hurt, and loss. It is simply the way that God built our lives, and there is nothing we can do to escape it. There is something, however, that we can control. It is our perception. In Colossians, the writer talks about the joys of suffering. Now although we often don’t see our suffering as a good thing, it is important for us to see that pain is not a loss, but rather a unique opportunity for us to become closer to God.
Pain should not make us lose a part of whom we are, but rather, our true identity is found only through God, and it is important for us to remember that nothing in this world can ever remove that from us. While we will encounter hardships no matter where we are in life, God is the only consistent and stable thing in it. Let us use today to remind ourselves that pain is not a symbol of how weak we are, for we are already so loved and cherished by our wonderful God! The next time you are down in the dumps, remember that pain is simply an opportunity to know and love God more. Yes, to us it may feel like the world may as well come to an end, that there may not be another purpose for our lives. But instead, pain is a symbol of how much God loves you and of how wonderfully and personally you are cared for. We are all truly beautiful and wonderful creatures of God; don’t let the things of this world tell you otherwise.

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