Daily Reflection

From a Creighton Student's Perspective

November 24, 2011

Joel Fuchs

Senior, Biology Major

"He is a deliverer and savior,working signs and wonders in heaven and on earth,and he delivered Daniel from the lions' power." -Daniel 6:28

The first reading for today meshes perfectly with the Thanksgiving Holiday; however, when taking the Gospel reading into account, I struggle with a way to mesh the two. While one depicts God’s saving and protecting grace, the other depicts God’s wrathful judgment. For this reflection, I am choosing to touch more on the first reading.

In the day-to-day of my senior year at Creighton University, I have my ups and my downs. Just as everyone experiences these good and bad feelings, for me lately, the fear of entering an intimidating real world outside of the college bubble often outweighs the fun and peaceful times experienced with friends and family. As life plans and goals come and go, I think we lose sight of how much God has and will protect us with his grace.

While reflecting upon this first reading, I think we are called to be like Daniel, who in the forceful and oppressive rule of a king, let go of his fears and qualms and completely put himself in God’s hands. Daniel knew that even after being thrown into a den of lions, if he trusted himself to God, everything would work out in the end. It’s difficult, but often I think it’s important to allow God to protect us as he did Daniel. Realizing that we cannot do everything, and asking God to meet us halfway is one of the most powerful faith experiences in my mind, and one that I hope to encounter. Life is a beautiful blessing, and when faced with its lions, God is all we need: something to be thankful for.

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