Anne Ferguson

More About Me:

A Chicago native, I am the oldest of six girls raised in a die-hard Cubs fan family. I love any kind of outdoor activity, from cycling to hiking to camping to running, and spend as much time as I can outside (studying, playing, sleeping, etc.). I am passionate about four things: Simplicity, Service, Faith, and Writing, and hope to be a kind of missionary-journalist when I leave Creighton University. My favorite quote, commonly attributed to Emerson, is: "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." I believe that nothing is more refreshing than watching the sunrise, I think I was married to coffee in a previous life, and I find rare, unbelievable beauty in the little things in life. Most importantly, I believe that life is a journey home, and that to live is to never stop searching for it through the experiences we have, the people we encounter, and the graces we are given.

Junior, Journalism and Theology Double Major

Writing These Reflections. . .

. . .is a chance to apply the Word of God to daily life, to see how it truly fits and ties into our ordinary, common experiences. It is the opportunity to take encouragement, strength, and hope from His words and better live His love for others.

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