Sam Eiffert

More About Me:

I hail from the wonderful college town of Columbia, Missouri, and I have two younger sisters who also happen to be my best friends. I spent a semester in the Dominican Republic in the spring of my junior year; you could say that I’m perfectly ruined for life. You can usually find me sitting on the mall contemplating existence (I’m just kidding) or around the CCSJ. I believe that there is a kind of sacredness to questioning, to uncertainty, to the willingness to explore. I’ve found that sometimes questions are more powerful than answers, and, though I’m not sure of anything, I know that I am blessed to have encountered the world, to have participated and continue to participate in that radical, incomprehensible, stunning and selfless thing we call love.

Senior, Philosophy Major

Writing These Reflections. . .

. . . is an absolute joy.

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