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January 9th, 2014
Julianna Diddle
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I really enjoyed the gospel for this week’s reading. Can you imagine being in the synagogue when Jesus himself stood up and read that passage from a scroll? Being present for that moment in time must have truly been amazing. The moment was amazing because it was filled with the Spirit. I know I can recall moments in my own life that have been truly amazing because they were full of the Spirit and in my life most are related to music. One that I vividly remember was with a choir from my hometown that I sing with when I’m home. There is a family physician that I have become friends with and I have been shadowing since I was in high school. Because of him, I became interested in becoming a physician. He started a choir that sings for hospice patients – it’s called the Hopeful Spirits Chorus.

I shadowed this family physician that morning and we visited one of his hospice patients that didn’t have much time left. That night, the choir sang for this special patient. A few of the patient’s family members were present and our small 12-member choir sang a few hymns for everyone in the room. That moment was absolutely incredible. The choir sang beautifully in four-part harmony, the family members were quietly crying, and the patient was responsive for the first time in quite awhile. She was trying to sing along – she could feel the Spirit in the room. I know that she probably couldn’t consciously comprehend that we were there but I hope that she was consoled slightly by our presence. I know that moment was incredibly memorable for me and I know the family appreciated it too.

I can’t even imagine being present when Jesus stood and read what was prophesized about him. But I know that being in a situation where things just seem to work is truly amazing, just like he is.

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