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January 15th, 2014
Tin Nguyen
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Social and occupational demands of contemporary life can be especially hectic at times, drawing your mind away from the present moment. The task is at hand, and the solutions lie in front of you, yet your mind wanders elsewhere. Your lens comes out of focus, and you lose sight of the important things amidst the clamor and stress. When mindfulness fades, you often look and listen for the wrong things, and you overlook those moments when God is telling you something. As in Samuel’s case in today’s reading, it may take multiple times to realize when God speaks to you, but God is patient and kind. Sometimes, God speaks to you through people, and sometimes, He sends people like Eli to guide you and bring your awareness back to God. This passage reminds us to always welcome guidance because it’s God’s way of looking out for you and setting you back on track.

A running theme emerges between today’s reading and Gospel: our duty as servants and what that entails. In today’s Gospel, Jesus travels throughout the whole of Galilee to preach, to drive out demons, to serve God’s children. But not once does he stop to accept praise and bask in laurels––no, he continues on because his purpose has its roots in pure altruism. We are men and women for and with others, not for ourselves. We lend helping hands not in search of gratitude, not in expectation of reciprocity, and not to feel or prove that we are good people and Christians. We should serve solely for the purpose of enhancing the well-being of our fellow human beings.

And when we busy ourselves in serving and preaching, we must also be mindful and remind ourselves to listen, for this is one of the most crucial responsibilities in any relationship. Only until Samuel heeds Eli’s guidance and proclaims, “Speak [Lord], for your servant is listening,” does he develop a strong relationship with God. God is omnipresent. He is always there for us when we need Him, but we cannot hear Him if we do not listen for Him, nor can we recognize Him in others if we fail to provide our fullest attention as they speak.

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