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January 21th, 2014
Jake Kruse
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“Then Samuel, with the horn of oil in hand, anointed him in the midst of his brothers; and from that day on, the Spirit of the LORD rushed upon David.”

God sees what is truly in our hearts.

The reading today discusses the task Samuel was given in choosing a King among the sons of Jesse in Bethlehem.  Samuel was not sure how he would be able to carry out the will of God in knowing which son would fit such a role.  Often times we as humans have a difficult time distinguishing between what a lofty appearance is at the surface and who truly has a magnanimous heart.  Samuel rejected many of the sons before he ultimately was presented David.  As soon as Samuel met David, he knew that he was to be the anointed one.  Samuel was seeing through the eyes of God and seeing into the goodwill that David undoubtedly possessed at heart.  The glory of this message transcends to address many problems that we have in our society today about appearances.  Being a good person, having moral boundaries, and working for and with others is something we all should strive for even if it is difficult.

Learn all that you can and live a healthy lifestyle, but it is possible to do this with virtue in your heart.  In my own life I struggle with acceptance of others; I am currently going through recruitment for my fraternity in which we will extend bids to accept new members into our brotherhood.  Sometimes it is difficult to project whom we really are as people and we want to be accepted and loved by different groups of people.  From my own experiences, I have lived a more fulfilling life when I have just been myself and focused on projecting the real me.  You will find other people who are accepting of the good person you are at heart just as Samuel did with David.  Be a positive influence on someone’s life and show him or her kindness with diligence and respect and it will be a rewarding experience.

See as God sees and find the kindness in your heart and you will find kindness in the hearts of others around you.

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