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January 22th, 2014
Kelly Sullivan
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The readings for today really show the purpose of both David and Jesus’ mission: to proclaim God’s name and saving power. In the first reading, we are reminded that through God, we have great power to overcome evil and oppression. David courageously stands before the Philistine warrior, under God’s protection. I think it is a reminder that we do not need to fight our battles alone, but pray that the Lord be our rock, our source of salvation.

In the gospel, Jesus wants the Pharisees to understand his mission of salvation through God. But they are the army he is fighting, and they refuse to listen, looking for reasons to condemn him. The line, “Looking around at them with anger, and grieved at their hardness of heart” stood out to me because it exemplifies Jesus’ humanity. His teachings are not reaching the Pharisees, and he is angered and grieved because of it, not only because he knows his future actions will bring harsh consequences under them, but because they can’t let go of their traditional ways and accept the good news.

I pray that today we see the humanity in Jesus and his extreme desire that we understand his teachings and follow him in order to take part in his salvation.

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