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January 23th, 2014
Ryan Didde
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Today, I would like to examine especially mk 3:7-12. It is in this passage that we learn of how Jesus withdraws from the crowds via a boat so that the crowds would not crush him. Now Jesus has healed many people by this point, and he was a very popular (or possibly infamous) man. People would reach out to grab his robe, and would proclaim that he was the Son of God. I spent a few minutes reflecting, and I encourage you to do so as well. Do we see ourselves as the crowd? Or maybe one of the diciples?

For me I found myself imagining myself in Jesus’s shoes. There seems to be many people I encounter that make up the crowd in my life. They want many things from each of us, but after reading this it occurred to me the importance of being alone. In specific, being in silence with God alone is one thing that is priceless. When reflecting on my past week, I can recall only a few times when I was totally alone with the Lord in reflection or just in presence.  Now there are many things that pull me away from this silence, and it’s a possibility the same can be said of you as well. It is important to pull away from this crowd occasionally in order to stay in tune not only with the Lord, but also with ourselves and who we are called to be. I will be making an effort to spend time in silent reflection in the days that come, and I invite you to do the same.

God Bless

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