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Reflections on the Daily Readings
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January 25th, 2014
Laura Kent
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Everyday we are given choices, some bigger than others but all-important in their own way and it is important that we trust in God’s plan for us. Part of the promise of baptism is to make the choice to welcome God into our lives and allow him on this journey with us and if we do then we will never be lead astray. If we trust in God’s plan than we will be promised great things just like the gospel said. We will “drive out demons”, which I believe to mean that we will not be filled with greed, jealousy, competition or things that bring us away from God. We will “speak new languages” such as love, patience, compassion and things that bring us closer to God. We can “lay hands on the sick, and they will recover” meaning that those who are lost or alone or need love can find comfort through us because God will be working through us. Trusting in God can only bring us wonderful gifts in ours lives and the peace knowing that we are never alone.

Our other job that we are called to through the sacrament of baptism is to proclaim the Gospel and God’s love to others. This can be as simple as wearing a cross around our neck or showing others love and compassion through our actions and words throughout the day. I hope that today you find peace with God in your life and know that you are never alone when making all the decisions that we are asked to make everyday, no matter how big or small they may be. Having God in our lives will ensure that whatever path we take we will not be alone and that we can do wonderful things through the gift of baptism.

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